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OwnerThorsten Heinze 


Adding AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::_transmissionModeMin and AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::_transmissionModeMax attributes of TypeDefinitions::TransmissionModeType data type for configuring the code rate as a part of the transmission modes according to the definition in the capability information.

Defining AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::_transmissionModeMin to be applied in case adaptive modulation would not be activated.

Marking the AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::modulationMin, AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::modulationMax and AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::txChannelBandwidth attributes to be "deprecated".


Defining a TypeDefinitions::timeXStatesType data type that comprises a TypeDefinitions::timeXStatesType::_transmissionMode attribute of TypeDefinitions::TransmissionModeType data type and a TypeDefinitions::timeXStatesType::time attribute of Integer data type for expressing the time period of operating a specific transmission mode.

Adding a TypeDefinitions::AirInterfacePerformanceType::timeXStatesList attribute of TypeDefinitions::timeXStatesType data type for expressing the time periods of operating any of the transmission modes.

Marking all the existing TypeDefinitions::AirInterfacePerformanceType::time*States* attributes to be "deprecated".


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker:

DescriptionCurrent solution:

   - modulation in states within the phase diagram
   - codeRate in %

   - modulationMin in states within the phase diagram
   (no configuration of codeRate)

   - Listing of combinations of states within the phase diagram
   and short names of code rates for expressing the number of
   seconds within the respective combination
   (e.g. time4State and time4StateS)

   - Capabilities distinguishes several code rates per modulation,
     but Configuration does not allow chosing code rate.
   - Performance is totally inflexibly listing combinations, that
     do not really relate to the transmission modes from the capabilities.
Additional InformationPotential solution might be referencing a transmission mode for configuring and for expressing Performance data.
Might require a list of datatype composed of transmission mode reference and time:integer expressing the number of seconds the airInterface operated the transmission mode.

1 Comment

  1. Underscores have been added to the new attributes' names to express that no new instances of TransmissionModeType data type have to be created, but the existing instances from the capability Information are referenced.