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  • #14: channelBandwidth to be added to AirInterfaceStatus
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OwnerThorsten Heinze 


Adding an AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::_transmissionModeCur attribute of TypeDefinitions::TransmissionModeType data type for expressing the channel bandwidth as part of the currently operated transmission mode, as defined within the capability information.

Marking the AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::modulationCur and the AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::codeRateCur status attributes to be "deprecated"


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker:


DescriptionTo be checked: Are there devices that adapt channel bandwidth together with adaptive modulation or in another automated way, too?

In case yes, channel bandwidth should be a status value, too.

! Formula for calculating link capacity should no longer base on configuration value of channel bandwidth !


  1. Definition of the proposed TransmissionModeType is missing.

    1. It would be the already existing TypeDefinitions::TransmissionModeType, which is used for expressing the capabilities of the air interface. 

  2. Underscore has been added to the new attribute's name to express that no new instance of TransmissionModeType data type has to be created, but the existing instances from the capability Information are referenced.