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  • #13: Performance Data at TDM Container
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OwnerThorsten Heinze 


Referencing different performance values in EthernetContainer::EthernetContainerHistoricalPerformances and TdmContainer::TdmContainerHistoricalPerformances would mean changing the data type of *ContainerHistoricalPerformances::historicalPerformanceDataList to EthernetContainerHistoricalPerformanceType and TDMContainerHistoricalPerformanceType.

Changing the data type would not be backward compatible.

Adding requested TDM performance values into the existing TypeDefinitions::ContainerPerformanceType would be required for being backward compatible.

Because no TDM Performance values are currently requested, it is proposed to leave issue#13 open without any activity at this stage.

Distinguishing Ethernet and TDM performance values could then be discussed again when backward compatibility is not required


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker:

DescriptionTDM and Ethernet Container refer on the same performance data type, which contains mainly Ethernet performance values.

TDM Container should either get own performance values or at least not refer to performance values typical for Ethernet.