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  • #12: Capacity calculation in ONF-TR-532 word/pdf document
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OwnerThorsten Heinze 


Adding an additional chapter to the TR-532 document, which is proposing (but not prescribing) a method for calculating the current air interface capacity from the status attributes of the microwave information model.

Proposing to calculate the air interface capacity = AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::transmissionModeCur->TransmissionModeType::channelBandwidth / AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::transmissionModeCur->TransmissionModeType::symbolRateReductionFactor * log2( AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::transmissionModeCur->TransmissionModeType::modulationScheme) * AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::transmissionModeCur->TransmissionModeType::codeRate / 1.15

Explaining the  AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::transmissionModeCur->TransmissionModeType::symbolRateReductionFactor to express a reduced symbol rate e.g. symbolRateReductionFactor = 4 for ¼ BPSK or symbolRateReductionFactor = 2 for ½ BPSK.


Adding a calculation prescription into the comments of the AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::codeRateCur attribute

Prescribing to calculate the AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::codeRateCur = number of symbols carrying payload information / number of transmitted symbols

Prescribing to calculate the number of symbols carrying payload information = number of transmitted symbols - (number of symbols carrying overhead information + number of redundant symbols for forward error correction)


Ignoring the request for advice for calculating the capacity of different link configurations (example: 1+1HSB), because link configuration does not impact air interface capacity


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker

DescriptionThe capacity calculation of an airInterface is described in an email but should be part of ONF-TR-532.

In addition the algorythm for calculation of
should be added to this attribute, so that every vendor calculate the code-rate the same way. Not sure, whether a reference implemenation in Centennial will help.

How to calculate the structure capacity in case of
- 1:1 between Structure and AirInterface
- Diversity
- 1+1 HSB

Additional Information[…]
txCapacity = AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::txChannelBandwidth * log2(AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::modulationCur) * AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::informationRateCur / 1,15 ;
               AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::informationRateCur should be replaced by AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::codeRateCur according to 161215_TR-532_MW_IM_v1_0.02

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  1. Minor comment: bits can be used instead fo symbols, Number of bits mapped on the symbol depends on the modulation level (16QAM = 4 bits per symbol), Redundant bits are added to the useful (data) bits and then mapped on symbols - code rate = number of bits carrying useful (payload) data / total number of bits