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Due date
OwnerMartin Skorupski 


This modification means correcting the UML in a way that a workaround in the modified UML2YANG tool gets obsolete.

The resulting YANG files must be unchanged.


Creating an UML package (folder) in MicrowaveModel called "Imports". (Done in Issue#4)

Importing Package from User Model at MicrowaveModel level, chosing the CoreCommonDataTypes, selecting all components.

Importing Package from User Model at MicrowaveModel level, chosing the ImplementationCommonDataTypes, selecting all components.

Moving the resulting childs of type Package Import into the "Import" package (folder).

Replacing data type DateAndTime of the Core IM by DateTime of the ImplementationCommonDataTypes and changing the default value from "20101120140000.0Z+1" to "2010-11-20T14:00:00+01:00" at the following attributes:

  • AirInterface::AirInterfaceStatus::lastStatusChange
  • AirInterfaceDiversity::AirInterfaceDiversityStatus::lastStatusChange
  • PureEthernetStructure::PureEthernetStructureStatus::lastStatusChange
  • HybridMwStructure::HybridMwStructureStatus::lastStatusChange
  • EthernetContainer::EthernetContainerStatus::lastStatusChange
  • TdmContainer::TdmContainerStatus::lastStatusChange
  • SuperClasses::MwCurrentProblem::timeStamp
  • ObjectCreationNotification::timeStamp
  • ObjectDeletionNotification::timeStamp
  • AttributeValueChangedNotification::timeStamp
  • ProblemNotification::timeStamp
  • ExplanatoryOnly::Structure::Structure::StructureStatus::lastStatusChange
  • ExplanatoryOnly::Container::Container::ContainerStatus::lastStatusChange 


Update the workaround in the modified old postprocessing after the processing of the UML2YANG tool according to the new UML dataType used for DateAndTime.


Please note: yes - line 49 and 54 are redundant - but makes the code more readable.



DescriptionThe ONF:DateAndTime type should not be used in furture. Please align with latest UML guidelines, once they are published.
Additional InformationThe UML2YANG tool should reference ietf-yang-types, which already defines "data-and-time" accroding to ISO 8601.