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  • #04: Please use "Package Import" for references to other UML Models
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OwnerMartin Skorupski 


Creating an UML package (folder) in MicrowaveModel called "Imports".

Importing Package from User Model at MicrowaveModel level, chosing the Core IM, selecting all components.

Importing Package from User Model at MicrowaveModel level, chosing the G.874.1 model, selecting all components.

Moving the resulting childs of type Package Import into the "Import" package (folder).

(see. UML-YANG Guidelines TR 531 v1.1.07 chapter 5.11)


For TR-532 there are dependencies to the ONF-CoreModel, G.8874.1 and IETF-yang-types. Such dependencies needs to be documented in the "Imports" package in a fomaplized way, in order to generate YANG from UML.

Please see an example from TAPI - the result in the *.uml file after adding imports via Papyrus UI. 


<packagedElement xmi:type="uml:Package" xmi:id="_MSvNkBMEEeaOevPmmmHXcA" name="Imports">
  <packageImport xmi:type="uml:PackageImport" xmi:id="_eTzcwDK1Eeau3Z0jZdArnw">
    <importedPackage xmi:type="uml:Model" href="TapiCommon.uml#_cOw5UDA4Eea4fKwSGMr6CA"/>
  <packageImport xmi:type="uml:PackageImport" xmi:id="_HQHNQEUBEead1bezhJG4aw">
    <importedPackage xmi:type="uml:Model" href="TapiConnectivity.uml#_6fxZsDA4Eea4fKwSGMr6CA"/>
  <packageImport xmi:type="uml:PackageImport" xmi:id="_HRdREEUBEead1bezhJG4aw">
    <importedPackage xmi:type="uml:Model" href="TapiTopology.uml#_nbYiwDA4Eea4fKwSGMr6CA"/>


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker:

UML "packet import" is the preferred way to reference other UMLs models (e.g. CoreModel, G.874.1). UML2YANG tool generates proper yang import statements from such information.

An example is available in