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  • #03: Missing layerProtocolName definition in ONF-TR-532 word/pdf document
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OwnerMartin Skorupski 

To be changed in the TR document, but not in the UML.


A table prescribing the following layerProtocolName values to be added to chapter 7 Attachment to the Core Information Model of the TR-532.

layerProtocolName _PAC type
 TDMTDM Container 


 Ethernet Container
 MWS Pure Ethernet Structure, Hybrid Microwave Structure and Diversity
 MWPS Air Interface




Content of the Mantis Bugtracker:

The CoreModel::LTP:LP::layerProtocolName attribute is very important for the SDN controller and SDN application to understand the LTP structure and to find corresponding conditional packages.

The proposed layerProtocolNames are:

  • TDM: used for TDM-Container
  • ETH: used for EthernerContainer
  • MWS: used for PureEthernetSructure and HybridMwStructure
  • MWS: used for AirInterfaceDiversity
  • MWPS: used for AirInterface

In the current (2017-04-03) implementaions fo the EthernetContainer the layer-protocol-name "ETH-CTP" is used - whether it is a CTP or TTP must not be part of the layer-protocol-name. There is a dedicated attribute "termination-state" avaialble