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  • #29: Expected Radio Signal Identifier
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Due date 
OwnerThorsten Heinze


  • The live cycle stereotype of the currently existing AirInterfaceConfiguration::radioSignalID attribute shall be set on "Deprecated"
  • An AirInterfaceConfiguration*)::expectedSignalID attribute shall be added, its default value shall be "0"
  • The comment at the AirInterfaceConfiguration*)::expectedSignalID attribute shall be complemented with: "If set on '0', the receiver ignores the signal ID of the received signal. If set on any other value, the receiver exclusively synchronizes on signals with the same signal ID ."
  • An AirInterfaceConfiguration*)::transmittedSignalID attribute shall be added, its default value shall be "0"
  • An AirInterfaceStatus::receivedSignalID Attribute shall be added
  • The comment at the AirInterfaceCapability::supportedAlarms attribute shall be complemented with: "Available alarms to be listed. Mandatory:'signalIsLost','rslIsExceeded','signalIDMismatching','temperatureIsExceeded','modemIsFaulty','radioIsFaulty' and 'modulationIsDownShifted'.

*) might be sorted into different classes for TX and RX by a later decision


  • The signal ID is for the receiver to synchronize on the correct transmitter
  • Some microwave implementations allow having different signal IDs on the two directions belonging to the same link