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  • #30: Performance Monitoring - Activation/Deactivation
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OwnerDaniela Spreafico Martin Skorupski 


A new attribute is required:

performanceMonitoringCollectionIsOn -> boolean : To enable and disable the measurement, collection storage and access to PM data of a conditational package.


The attribute should be added object classes as follows:

  • airInterfaceRxConfiguration / performanceMonitoringCollectionIsOn 
  • airInterfaceDiversityConfiguration / performanceMonitoringCollectionIsOn 
  • ethernetContainerConfiguration / performanceMonitoringCollectionIsOn

Please note that the existing "airInterfaceConfiguration" object class remains untouched, but will get the status "deprecated" based on Issue #25.


Issue #30, #33 and #34 see

first proposal was discussed based on the assumption that the introducation of unidirectional AirInterfaces is kind of "not backward-compatible".

Please see related decision about depricated object classes and attributes, which are affecting FM and PM too -> Empty classes to be deprecated


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker:

DescriptionWith the ONF TR-532 1.0 model the CurrentPerformance class cannot be activated/deactivated separately from the associated *_Pac.

For example the AirInterfaceCurrentPerformance class of a MW_AirInterface_Pac instance cannot be deactivated once the MW_AirInterface_Pac instance is created and activated.
Only the administrativeState is reported as a read-only attribute.
The administrativeControl (read-write attribute) is not present.
The request is to allow this activation/deactivation adding the administrativeControl to AirInterfaceCurrentPerformance class or similar attribute.


  1. No comments have been raises respect to the solution; in the 18/4 meeting the proposal has been approved

  2. The issue #34 (MW Ethernet Statistics) is not  a reference for this item