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OIMT Document Number Allocation 

OIMT TR-512 Core Model modules mapping & paths

Work Item Description Template

Work Items*

No.Work itemTarget date/releaseTarget documentOwnersBrief DescriptionDocumentNote
5OAM?TR-512.9AndreaNeeded (target date 11/2019)
Generalize whatever in the current TAPI OAM.
6Resilience?TR-512.5No ownerNeeded
Resilience examples (as called for by TAPI)
8Equipment model enhancementv1.5TR-512.6Kam

Task 8 Equipment model enhancement

Detail attribute description and datatype:
To discuss lifecycle for the artifacts and possible promotion;
To find an external source of property definitions (such thermal/power/humidity rating) and then reference them;
To find a documentation technique that allows us to not have to enter text that is essentially the name of the attribute in long-hand. Decision: Put in the stupid sentence.
To discuss powerState datatype.

9IP switching investigationv2.0-XiangNeeded
IP driven by requirements from ECC/DCN ensuring we have core support (IMP, OT, TAPI brigade
* Extending over time to “full” IP via appropriate collaboration and federation.
11Views / Contextv1.5TR-512.8NigelNeeded
View abstractions and virtualization
12Entity lifecyclev1.5TR-512.3MalcolmNot necessary

13Model structurev2.0TR-512.A.2NigelRefer slidesoimt2018.CH.01.00_ONF_T13_ModelStructure.pptxModel architecture, model structure & model patterns
14TopologyInvestigationTR-512.4NigelRefer slidesoimt.2019.ND.003.00_TopologyAndFcProperties.pptx
16P&R methodologyInvestigation?NigelInvestigation

20UML-OpenAPI guidelinesOn holdTR-543RickOn hold

21UML-TOSCA GuidelinesOn hold?
On hold

22UML-YANG GeneratorOn goingTR-531XingNot necessary

23UML-OpenAPI GeneratorOn hold?
On hold

24UML-TOSCA GeneratorOn hold

On hold

25P&R toolingOn hold

On hold

28UML-ProtoBuf GeneratorOn hold

On hold

29Party Model1.5TR-512.13NigelRefer slidesONF_T29_Party.pptxDocuments written, need model in Papyrus + Gendocs
30Location Model1.5TR-512.14NigelRefer slidesONF_T30_Location.pptxDocuments written, need model in Papyrus + Gendocs
35LTP portv2.0TR-512.2NigelRefer slidesoimt2018.ND.019.02_LtpPortAndSpec.pptxsee also ONF_T34_LTP_PortV2.pptx
36Compute model (CPU / Memory + Storage)v2.0




StephenRefer slides



Documents written, need model in Papyrus + Gendocs
37Spec re-workv2.0TR-512.7NigelRefer slides


See also ONF_Txx_Occurence%20Pattern.pptx
38Semantic compatibility frameworkInvestigation
Nigel, MartinInvestigation

39Event driven solutionInvestigation
Chris, NigelInvestigation

40Rule patternInvestigation

41Identity modelv2.0TR-512.3NigelRefer slidesONF_T41_IdentityImplementation.pptxInvestigate the identify model (Global class & Local class). Not inherit from Global or Local class. A tool will generate the necessary identifier attributes from the Global and Local classes and add to the entity classes at ?? time.
42General profile/template approachv1.5
NigelRefer slidesoimt.2019.ND.013.00_ProfilesAndTemplates.pptx

User profile and template as classes (i.e., not stereotype).
To discuss and provide more clarification about this work item.
Note that there are two meanings of profiles (UML and run-time property) and the UML profile is clearly always associated with stereotypes and the run-time property one has never been associated with stereotypes.

43Operation pattern for general taskv2.0
Use TAPI OAM as the seed to investigate using the Operation Pattern to support general task, taking the G.8051/G.8052 On-demand measurement job requirement into account as input.
44Refactor LTP Spec to be Component-System Specv2.0 (merge with #37)

Merge with #37

45Model artifact lifecycle promotionRelease check list item

Release check list item
This is a reminder that before each release, any model elements not marked as mature should be looked at to see if their lifecycle state should be updated or not. We don't want to have artifacts 'stuck' in experimental forever.
51Application-Equipment model + SpecInvestigation
Nigel, KamInvestigation

52Application-Software model + SpecInvestigation
Nigel, KamInvestigation

53IP routing (segment routing)Investigation
Kam, Xiang

Task 53 IP Routing YANG Mapping

54Cloud Native (Kubernetes, Istio, Containers)On hold

On hold

55TOSCA profileOn hold

On holdONF_T55_Tosca_Profile.pptx
56Simplified Spec modelv1.5TR-512.7Nigel


How does this relate to #37 ?

Light weight model, detailed invariant structure not included in the core.
Action item 2.2 of F2F minutes

57Job task process modelv2.0
ChrisRefer slidesONF_T57_JobTask.pptxRelated to CD running/checking/validating the task, not the static description of the process.
58Sensor modelInvestigation

59Union & GenericsInvestigation

61Storagev1.5TR-512.15ChrisNot necessary
see #36
62Storage examplesv1.5TR-512.A.14ChrisNot necessary
see #36
61Model Extension Guidelinesv2.0
Chris, NigelTask 61 - Model Extension Guidelines

62Representation of Config vs Statev2.0
Chris, NigelTask 62 - Representation of Config vs State

63Additional Ethernet Examplesv2.0TR-512.A.5ChrisTask 63 - Additional Ethernet Examples

64DDD Aggregatesv2.0
ChrisInvestigationONF_T64_DddAggregates.pptxDDD = Domain-Driven-Design

* Source of information of the above table: oimt2018.KL.001.18_oimt-work-items.xlsx

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