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  • 2022-12-01 OIMT Meeting notes

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5 minAdmin


Virtual and face-to-face meetings 

  • Confirmed the date of the 1Q/2Q virtual meeting
    • Date: 3-6 April 2023
      • Time 6:00 - 9:00 (question) am US EST
      • Daylight saving start: US March 12, Europe March 26, Australia April 2
  • Face-to-face meeting: 
    • To look into opportunity of having the OIMT meeting being adjacent to other standards meetings, such as ITU-T, MEF, OIF etc.
10 min
Modelling Boundaries

  • Nigel Davis  Nigel to show the steps of generating IETF Internet Draft.
45 min

TR-512.8 Control


TR-512.8 Control 

  • Nigel reported that he has cleaned up his local Papyrus and pushed to the ONF Git fork
    • Has raised pull request
      • Kam has reviewed and merged the pull request
  • Nigel ran through Section 5 "The ControlTask" of TR-512.8 to show where we are at
    • Almost done on 5.1 Overview of Tasks
    • More to do on 5.2 The ControlTask model
      • Will raise another pull request 
    • Will take the material from the slide packs to fill:
      • 5.3 Forming the control task flow graph
      • 5.4 Relation to Component-system pattern
      • 5.5 Examples of usage
    • Will post the document as it is for quick review
    • Will carry on to do Section 7 Providing information (streaming)

Plan of next calls

Dec. 8

  • Control task
  • Streaming

Dec. 15

  • Streaming

Dec. 22

Dec. 29