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  • 2022-11-24 OIMT Meeting notes

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  • Admin
    • Liaison
    • TR-512 v1.6 release date replan
    • Virtural & F2F meetings
  • IETF I-D on Modelling Boundaries
  • Progress and discussion of a TR-512 release v1.6 topic -  Job Task
  • AOB

Discussion items





5 minAdmin



  • SG15-LS19 on IM/DM modelling coordination eMeetings (2 November 2022, 30 November 2022, 4 January 2023, 1 March 2023)
    • Received on 18 October 2022
  • SG15-LS21 on Initiation of the approval process and new work items on topics of interest to ONF OIMT
    • Received on 15 November 2022
  • Nigel Davis To post SG15-LS19 and SG15-LS21 on the OIMT Incoming LS site.

TR-512 v1.6 release date replan

  • Defer TR-512 v1.6 release to January 2023

Virtual and face-to-face meetings 

  • Defer the November 1-3 virtual meeting to 1Q/2Q 2023 time frame
    • Tentative date: 3-6 April 2023, to be confirmed next week
      • Daylight saving start: US March 12, Europe March 26, Australia April 2
  • Face-to-face meeting: 
    • To check if ONF will have F2F conference in 2023 or not, and plan OIMT meeting accordingly.
    • To look into opportunity of having the OIMT meeting being adjacent to other standards meetings, such as ITU-T, MEF, OIF etc.
10 min
Modelling Boundaries

  • Nigel briefly introduce the Internet Draft "draft-davis-netmod-modelling-boundaries"
  • The I-D discusses the Boundaries of the current modeling techniques/approaches and suggests a softer modeling approach.
    • The intent is to improve the YANG language - incrementally and be backward compatible
  • The I-D was presneted in the IETF-115 London meeting (5-11 November)
    • It was well received. Key members of the IETF Netmod Working Group showed strong interest in the I-D
  • Nigel Davis Nigel to show the steps of generating IETF Internet Draft.
45 min

Release v1.6 topic


TR-512.8 Control 

  • Niglel noted that he can now refocus more on the core model given that the TAPI 2.4 CR1 is now out for review for a while.
  • Nigel ran through the portions of TR-512.8 that are new for v1.6
    • Maily Section 5 on Control Task.
  • Nigle is cleaning up his local Papyrus and will push to the Git fork
    • Will raise a merge-request
      • Kam will review 
  • Will has deeper review in next OIMT call.

Action items