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  • 2022-10-14 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

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5 minAdmin: Call planAll

 Leader: Scott; (Not available: )

 Leader: Kam; (Not available: Andrea)

 Leader: Andrea; (Not available: )

 Leader: Scott; (Not available: Nigel) Note: Meeting starts one hour earlier for people in Europe

Leader: ??; (Not available: Scott, Nigel)

Leader: Nigel; (Not available: Scott)

 15 minAction items due/doneAll

IISOMI Action Items done or past due

Review Gendoc FragmentsNigel

ITU-T and ONF Gendoc Procedures

1) Apply Andrea's format for descriptions (merged cell)

2) Fix the column headings of all tables to use name, and expand abbreviations

3) Add/Ensure the Cond/Specify/Reference information is included in the output

4) Split table columns that have more than one property

20 min

Gendoc script for associations

(a: Bernd Zeuner)

Comments from Bernd Zeuner to the proposed Gendoc script from Scott Mansfield provided on :

  1. Table header
    1. Replace "Attribute Name" by "Name" (since title of table already mentions "Member ends"
    2. Spell out Aggregation
    3. Split "Navig.Owner" column into two columns: Navigable and Owner
    4. Add Abstract (true/false) column
    5. Description not necessary since also in attribute properties of object class (single source of truth)
    6. Applied Stereotypes not necessary since also in attribute properties of object class (single source of truth)
    7. Image Added
  2. Table content
    1. true/false in new Navigable (only) column
    2. spell out Association (name is not required since the scope of the whole table is for this association)
  3. Interesting optional stereotype infos:
    1. condition of Cond
    2. target of Specify
    3. reference of Reference
  4. Editorial:
    1. class diagram does not contain the whole model