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  • Task 65 - Streaming - Scope

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  • Scope

    • Purpose 
      • Provide support for streaming as part of the interaction patterns work
    • Specifically 
      • Model

        • Streaming in the context of the ControlConstruct and ControlPort

        • The essential stream controls and monitors
        • The structure of records supported by the stream
      • Explain
        • Various streaming strategies and the context in which they are applicable
        • Advancements to streaming that could be made to optimize efficiency
        • How streaming can provide most relevant information transfer from a provider Controller to its clients
    • Includes
      • Compacted Log streaming
    • Excludes
      • Protocol definition (for TAPI to determine)
      • Streaming of intent (for later release)
    • External Dependencies
    • Assumptions
    • Risks
  • Admin