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0 minsAdministrative



  • Scheduled two additional, dedicated TAPI calls:
    • Mon 14-16 and Wed 13-15 CEsT

See TAPI Call-in Details and Notes for the details

TAPI weeky call cancelled

TAPI weeky call cancelled

TAPI weeky call cancelled

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TAPI weeky call

Preliminary agenda:

  • Present the updates of photonic model
  • Progress the review of the Reference Implementation Agreement 2.0
60 mins

RIA Review

Ramon Casellas drives the review of the Notification subject.

  • Clarification of some parameters
  • Discussion on Layer Protocol Name and Qualifier defined in the EventNotification Notification
    • Layer Protocol Qualifier is a list, while it was a leaf in the 2.1.3 Notification Notification
    • Preliminary agreement to make "green" the related headers of TAPI_Alarm_TCA_List_v1.0.0.xlsx
    • "green" indicates the Content mapped into Alarm/TCA parameters carried by Notification/Streaming mechanisms