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  • 2022-01-28 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

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15 minAdmin: Call planAll

 Leader: Kam

 Leader: Bernd

 Leader: Scott

 Leader: Martin

 Leader: Andrea

 Leader: Nigel

215 min

Admin: IISOMI Action Items status


IISOMI Action Items review (every meeting)

Action items done

  • Nigel Davis  Try to move TR-512 v1.5 core model to 2020-06 (4.16) Eclipse
    • Having problems with Gendoc (but Scott has managed to get Gendoc work so closing this action)
  •  Scott Mansfield Confirm that Gendoc works reliably with Papyrus 2020-06

Refreshed Action Items

  •  Nigel Davis  determine what Jira form structure etc. ONF can create IISOMI. Provide example/detail etc. for discussion.

Note in Martin Skorupski email from 5 Nov 2021 there is no further action.

35 minUML → YANG Mapping Tool fundingMartin

O-RAN cooperation

October 1: O-RAN policy has changed collaboration rules. (O-RAN Alliance is registered in Germany)

October 15: Martin Skorupski checked with O-RAN the tooling funding status.  There is hope, not dead, but not moving either. 

  • Martin Skorupski  Get a written statement from O-RAN leadership on state of tooling funding's

November 19 discussion: Martin reported on the progress of requesting funding from O-RAN for UML-YANG tooling. The proposal will be up for voting in O-RAN.  


  • Martin Skorupski has informed that the proposal reached the next level and moved from O-RAN TSC to O-RAN Executive Committee (EC). Discussion in O-RAN EC will start.


No update

410 minCoding of target path
  • In particular, if I understand correctly, for the root element object class (i.e., red element), the format is actually not “[/<ModelName>:<ClassName>:<navigable association end role name>]” as indicated in the UML guidelines v1.3.03 but it is in the format of “[/<ModelName>:<ClassName>:<name of the RootElement stereotype>]”
  • Model Name or Prefix


  • Italo Busi indicates that the UML guideline is not requiring the undescore in the name of the RootElement stereotype, while the examples in the UML to YANG guideline include the undescore (e.g. TAPI currently has "_context"). It is recommendable to clarify and align the guidelines.
  • In particular, for the root element object class (i.e., red element), the format is actually not “[/<ModelName>:<ClassName>:<navigable association end role name>]” as indicated in the UML guidelines v1.3.03 but it is in the format of “[/<ModelName>:<ClassName>:<name of the RootElement stereotype>]”, e.g. 

    • PtpTlpDefaultDsSpecSpecifiesPtpDefaultDs: /ptp:Ptp:_ptp/ptp:Ptp:_instanceList/ptp:PtpInstance:_defaultDs

    • PtpTlpPortDsSpecSpecifiesPtpPortDs: /ptp:Ptp:_ptp/ptp:Ptp:_instanceList/ptp:PtpInstance:_portDsList

    • PtpTlpTcDefaultDsSpecSpecifiesPtpTcDefaultDsPac: /ptp:Ptp:_ptp/ptp:Ptp:_instanceList/ptp:Ptp:_transparentClockDefaultDs


Extract form email from Italo Busi on 25 Jan

Note that Italo intended to write "Should the value of the name attribute of the RootElement sterotype follow the convention of navigable attribute"

The referencing mechanism used in the target path identifies each element in the path by going one step up the path (hierarchy) to find the referencing attribute from the class that references the class to be identified. This works for all but the root entity (where there is clearly nothing one step up the path hierarchy). This is why an artificial role end was used reference the root entity.

This is conveyed in the <<RootElement>> stereotype as shown above. It is as if a class Context references the TapiContext via a composition with a navigable attribute _context. The class "Context" does not exist in the model. Both the class name "Context" and its reference are derived from the value of the name in the <<RootElement>> Stereotype (i.e., "_context") where the class name is an upper camel form of the string with the "_" removed.

The mechanism should be described more clearly in the modeling guidelines.

On Italo's second question "Should we use the module name (i.e., IetfPtp) or the module prefix (i.e., ptp) or either option?"

  • Only briefly discussed. No definitive conclusion yet.
  • It seems that in UML it should be the module name, and the mapping tool will then maps the module name to the module prefix. 
510 minPapyrus Releases

Papyrus Releases

November 19 discussion: The TR-512 v1.5 Core model was developed using Eclipse 2019-09. It the model can migrate to 2020-06 seamlessly, Q14/15 might move G.7711 v4.0 (12/2021 consent) also to Eclipse 2020-06. To verify the seamless migration: 

  • Nigel Davis  Try to move TR-512 v1.5 core model to 2020-06 (4.16) Eclipse
  • Hing-Kam Lam Try to move TR-512 v1.5 core model to 2020-06 (4.16) Eclipse


  • from Kam - diagrams from TR-512 v1.5 core model on 2020-06 (4.16) Eclipse looks fine
  • proposal for next week ITU-T: IISOMI moves to 2020-06, because gen-doc works find 
  • TAPI will follow after some tests will be done by Andrea Mazzini
  • Nigel Davis  Try to move TR-512 v1.5 core model to 2020-06 (4.16) Eclipse



  • Brief discussion on 2020-06 (4.16)noting that Papyrus appeared to be OK (but Nigel Davis noted that in his environment Gendoc was still not working due to memory apparently).
65 min

Proposals for capturing discussion items 

Prior discussion: 2021-10-29 IISOMI Meeting Minutes #2

Prior discussion pointed out that:

  • a private repository is not the appropriate place for the items since not everyone has access to this
  • the ONF GitHub is publicly available but not all participants are allowed to contribute to it
  • there is no single ONF repository which could host such Issues; IISOMI is spread over many repositories
  • it might be possible to cover the discussions in Wiki pages
  • new discussions should be captured in the Meeting Minutes and then copied to the Wiki pages
  • Bernd Zeuner  Draft an example Wiki page that capture an discussion item

Proposal wiki page from Bernd for capturing discussion items:


  • Follow-up after progress made with Jira (  ) as per action for Nigel Davis 


  • Scott Mansfield informs that IETF is not using JIRA, but Github and its Issues. But as highlighted above, relying on Github for IISOMI seems not feasible.


No update

70 minGuideline/Tooling wiki page(s) for listing the tasks Andrea Mazzini 

Andrea Mazzini shows Guidelines and Tooling Discussion Items


No update.

80 minFeature/condition

Prior discussion: IISOMI 2021-09-03 Meeting Minutes, #3

90 min

Convention of UML property names in document/comment/description

Prior discussion: 2021-10-29 IISOMI Meeting Minutes #5

  • Bernd Zeuner  Update the Mapping Guidelines with a rule that artefact names within the descriptions should be converted to YANG style.



No update.

100 minPapyrus-Model2Doc feature

Prior discussion: 2021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes #3

2022-01-21 post meeting notes:

Scott Mansfield found the following links to various update sites and performed some tests:

The last successful build (model2doc 0.8.0) works fine in 2021-12 (4.22) (Eclipse 4.22 and Papyrus 6.0).

Regarding 2020-06 (4.16), none of the found Model2Doc versions works.

Even with Eclipse 2021-12 (4.22) but Papyrus 4.8, Model2Doc does not work.

The conclusion so far is that only version 2021-03 (4.19) - Papyrus 5.1 and later seem to work with the 0.8.0 Model2Doc version.


No update.

110 min

Private GitHub


No update.

120 min

Cleanup of the existing public GitHub (ONF EAGLE), rationalize the forks/branches

Prior discussion: IISOMI 2021-09-24 Meeting Minutes #10


No update.

130 min

GenDoc Issues

Prior discussion: 2021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes #6

  • Scott Mansfield    Provide  gendoc  examples  to  implement  the  first  two bullets
    • 2021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes #6
    • GenDoc didn't generate constraint
    • GenDoc OstigOTtpSource::txti:EByte multiplicity [64] is not generated correctly
    • Discussion Needed:  To agree on a specific format for operation, then implement


No update.

140 minModular and decoupled modeling process


from OIMT

CoreModel FD - to of the tree

Composed FC-Switch .... with no sense if independent


Driver of Model structure (arrangement)

usage of stereo-types

  • aggregate
  • leaf
  • admin relationships
  • Chris has nice ideas - but needs to be further analyzed.

First try of "modelling profiles" on CoreModel


  • Split CoreModel in "smaller" parts - decoupling 
  • Rules needs to be described/defined/documented.

Further details:


  • Nigel Davis noted that OIMT have agreed to develop the profile and apply to a part of the core as an example. This can be presented to IISOMI in February.
  • Nigel Davis  Provide an overview of the DDD trial profile and show application to the core model.


No update.

Agenda of next callAll
  • Administrative
    • Call plan (schedule, leader)
  • Review IISOMI Action Items
  • Coding of Target Path
  • UML → YANG Mapping Tool funding
  • Papyrus Releases
    • Consider a plan for convergence of ITU-T Q14/15, ONF Common IM and TAPI to 2020-06 (4.16) version
  • Proposals of capturing discussion items
  • Feature/condition
  • Convention of UML property names in document/comment/description
  • Papyrus-Model2Doc further investigations?
  • Private GitHub
  • Public GitHub cleanup
  • Gendoc Issues: output for Interfaces, Operations, Associations, Abstractions 
  • Modular and decoupled modeling process
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB