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ClosedUML to YANG

UML comments often include construct name formatted according to the UML guidelines. When the UML is converted to Yang the construct names are then incorrectly formatted (see 2021-07-30 IISOMI Meeting Minutes).

Current state: The Yang has UML formatted names in it. The user is required to simply deal with this. There have not been any specific complaints, but clearly the comments are confusing. It may be beneficial to add notes to the read-me or similar to explain the formatting transition.

The 'description' text often includes names of properties, classes etc. that are in 'camel case' as opposed to 'hyphen-case' as used for yang labels. The names can be converted by simply ensuring the first letter is lower case and that any intermediate upper case letters are turned into lower case preceeded by a hyphen, e.g.:

  • HyphenCase → hyphen-case
Andrea Mazzini (done)



Abstractions: How to dump the properties.

  • Andrea was able to print the target string, but not the other properties like "client" and "supplier". Followed similar approach to the "member-end" of the associations, without success.
    • Probably need to review the UML metadata.
Andrea Mazzini 10hsmall


OpenUML to YANGAbstractions: The stereotype "Cond" is not managed, should be translated into "if-feature" statement.

For further study. Other enhancements are necessary, i.e. the management of logical expressions, e.g.:

  • if-feature "single-node-management or full-topology-management";
Martin Skorupski 20hmedium


OpenYANG to OASThe identities are lost in translation.Agreed that the only solution is an enhancement of the tool (see 2021-11-30 TAPI Meeting Notes)Nigel Davis 20hmedium


OpenUML to YANGThe tool does not manage the inter-module identities, e.g.  does not insert the "base" statement:


        base tapi-common:ALARM_CONDITION_NAME;

        description "none";

Enhancement of the tool? See also otcc2021.AM.003_TAPI-uml2yangToolVersions.pptx Martin Skorupski 10hsmall