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  • 2021-12-03 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

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15 minAdmin: Call planAll

Cancelled (Not available: Kam, Scott, Xiang & Italo - in SG15 meeting)

Cancelled  (Not available: Kam, Scott, Xiang & Italo - in SG15 meeting)

Cancelled – Holiday

Cancelled – New Year Eve

Leader: Nigel 

Leader: Scott? - candidate

Leader: Andrea

Leader: Nigel

210 min

Admin: IISOMI Action Items status


IISOMI Action Items review (every meeting)

Action items done

  • --

Refresh Action Items

  • Nigel Davis   Review proposal for "UML comments often include construct name formatted according to the UML guidelines. When the UML is converted to Yang the construct names are then incorrectly formatted." (in minutes 2021-07-30 IISOMI Meeting Minutes).
    • Current state: The Yang has UML formatted names in it. The user is required to simply deal with this. There have not been any specific complaints, but clearly the comments are confusing. It may be beneficial to add notes to the read-me or similar to explain the formatting transition.
      • "The 'description' text often includes names of properties, classes etc. that are in 'camel case' as opposed to 'hyphen-case' as used for yang labels. The names can be converted by simply ensuring the first letter is lower case and that any intermediate upper case letters are turned into lower case preceeded by a hyphen (e.g., HyphenCase → hyphen-case)."
    • November 19 discussion: Agreed to turn the above decision into a UML-to-YANG mapping guideline tooling task (roadmap item)
      •  Andrea Mazzini Create a Guideline/Tooling wiki page(s) for listing the tasks 

  •  Scott Mansfield   To take the gendoc examples from the guidelines and perform regression test. 
  •  Scott Mansfield  To investigate why none of the <<cond>> is retrieved from the model.
    • Andrea indicated the had attempted to apply analogous rules to member-end to include other properties. Andrea tried various techniques to get client and supplier but with no success 
      • Probably need to review the UML metadata
    • Andrea was able to print the target string

  •  Scott Mansfield   To investigate how to get client and server values for an abstraction.

  • Use of git may be problematic as we have multiple repositories.
    •  Nigel Davis  determine whether ONF can create IISOMI Jira.

Finished Actions

35minUML → YANG Mapping Tool fundingMartin

O-RAN cooperation

October 1: O-RAN policy has changed collaboration rules. (O-RAN Alliance is registered in Germany)

October 15: Martin Skorupski checked with O-RAN the tooling funding status.  There is hope, not dead, but not moving either. 

Martin Skorupski  Get a written statement from O-RAN leadership on state of tooling funding's

November 19 discussion: Martin reported on the progress of requesting funding from O-RAN for UML-YANG tooling. The proposal will be up for voting in O-RAN.  

410minPapyrus Releases

Papyrus Releases

November 19 discussion: The TR-512 v1.5 Core model was developed using Eclipse 2019-09. It the model can migrate to 2020-06 seamlessly, Q14/15 might move G.7711 v4.0 (12/2021 consent) also to Eclipse 2020-06. To verify the seamless migration: 

  •  Nigel Davis  Try to move TR-512 v1.5 core model to 2020-06 (4.16) Eclipse
  •  Hing-Kam Lam Try to move TR-512 v1.5 core model to 2020-06 (4.16) Eclipse


  • from Kam - diagrams from TR-512 v1.5 core model on 2020-06 (4.16) Eclipse looks fine
  • proposal for next week ITU-T: IISOMI moves to 2020-06, because gen-doc works find 
  • TAPI will follow after some tests will be done by Andrea Mazzini 
510 min

Proposals for capturing discussion items 

Prior discussion: 2021-10-29 IISOMI Meeting Minutes #2

Prior discussion pointed out that:

  • a private repository is not the appropriate place for the items since not everyone has access to this
  • the ONF GitHub is publicly available but not all participants are allowed to contribute to it
  • there is no single ONF repository which could host such Issues; IISOMI is spread over many repositories
  • it might be possible to cover the discussions in Wiki pages
  • new discussions should be captured in the Meeting Minutes and then copied to the Wiki pages
  • Bernd Zeuner  Draft an example Wiki page that capture an discussion item

Proposal wiki page from Bernd for capturing discussion items:

Q: can we remove this item from next meetings agenda in 2022-01?

A: no - waiting for feedback - we keep it until Bernd Zeuner  is back


Prior discussion: IISOMI 2021-09-03 Meeting Minutes, #3

81 min

Convention of UML property names in document/comment/description

Prior discussion: 2021-10-29 IISOMI Meeting Minutes #5

  • Bernd Zeuner  Update the Mapping Guidelines with a rule that artefact names within the descriptions should be converted to YANG style.
Papyrus-Model2Doc feature

Prior discussion: 2021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes #3


Private GitHub


Cleanup of the existing public GitHub (ONF EAGLE), rationalize the forks/branches

Prior discussion: IISOMI 2021-09-24 Meeting Minutes #10


GenDoc Issues

Prior discussion: 2021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes #6

1310minModular and decoupled modeling process


from OIMT

CoreModel FD - to of the tree

Composed FC-Switch .... with no sense if independent


Driver of Model structure (arrangement)

usage of sterio-types

  • aggregate
  • leaf
  • admin relationships
  • Chris has nice ideas - but needs to be further analyzed.

Frist try of "modelling profiles" on CoreModel


  • Split CoreModel in "smaller" parts - decoupling 
  • Rules needs to be described/defined/documented.

Further details:

Agenda of next callAll
  • Administrative
  • UML → YANG Mapping Tool funding
  • Papyrus Releases
    • Consider a plan for convergence of ITU-T Q14/15, ONF Common IM and TAPI to 2020-06 (4.16) version
  • Proposals of capturing discussion items
  • Feature/condition
  • Convention of UML property names in document/comment/description
  • Papyrus-Model2Doc further investigations?
  • Private GitHub
  • Public GitHub cleanup
  • Gendoc Issues: output for Interfaces, Operations, Associations, Abstractions 
  • Modular and decoupled modeling process
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB