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2021-10-20: Martin Skorupski

2021-10-27: Martin Skorupski

2021-11-03: Martin Skorupski

2021-11-10: Martin Skorupski 


@Alexander Wenk


Some answer about modeling and mappings can be found here

Working Assumption to be proven about figure 7-21 – UML model diagram – CdSpecificView

  • PtpDomainConstraint_Pac is a model OUTSIDE of the device (control-construct)
    • There is the first expectation that all attributes are already in the LTP(Sync) and CLOCK object class.
  • NeSync_Pac
    • under the assumption that "Ne..." mean "NetworkElement..." the "NeSync_Pac" could be called "ControlConstructSync_Pac" and attached to the ControlConstruct itself


  • ControlConstruct
    • LTP
      • - e-m-b-e-d-d-e-d-C-l-o-c-k- (ref to a clock)
        covered by UML-to-YANG tool pruning and refactoring. 
      • target
        • list embeddedClock → goes to leaf-list with type leafref with path /control-construct/collection-of-clocks/clock


  • ControlConstruct
    • LTP
      • LP
        • synchPac
          • ref-to-clock

AI: How to deal with refactoring of the CoreModel to get all references from SyncModel to ControlContruct. 

 - Answer: as in the past - the UML2YANG tool does the corection correction to reference the core-model-1-4.yang.

Modeling of NeSnyc-Pac according to the working assumption above (some smaller changes expected)

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Relation between planning and actual data from the network

@Andreas Lattoch

Quick synch from last week

  • connector types to be standardized
  • work in progress - to be continued
  • Current work bases on the "EquipmentModel"

updated proposal

  • holders identified by a, c, ...
  • connectors identified by 0, 1, ...


subrack-slot-port - 1-2-3 goes to a.b.3


00:00Mediator Instance Manager

Pre- Discussion happened yesterday 

  • info send by Thorsten on Monday 2021-05-177
  • in addition Thorsten will send the "background discussion slide"....

Mediator Instance Manager 

  • What is the protocol? NETCONF or REST or RESTCONF or ...
    • Working Assumption:  not decided
    • SIAE would like to decide based on efforts after analysis. 
    • UML include the "service" - but not the operational and maintenance layer
    • YAML (OpenAPI3) → UML (papyrus) → YANG → 


  • Any questions?
    • no questions


  • please see "App layer on top of the SDN controller" above.

Action items