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  • 2021-10-01 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

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15 minAdmin: Call planAll

Leader: Bernd (Not available: Nigel, Scott)

Leader: Nigel

Leader: Scott (Not available: Andrea)

Leader: Scott

Leader: Kam (Not available: Andrea)

Leader: Andrea (Not available: Martin)

Leader: ? (Not available: Martin, Bernd)

210 min

Admin: IISOMI Action Items status


IISOMI Action Items review (every meeting)

Action items done

  • None

Refresh Action Items

  •  Nigel Davis   Review proposal for "UML comments often include construct name formatted according to the UML guidelines. When the UML is converted to Yang the construct names are then incorrectly formatted." (in minutes 2021-07-30 IISOMI Meeting Minutes).
  •  Scott Mansfield   To take the gendoc examples from the guidelines and perform regression test. 
  •  Scott Mansfield   To investigate why none of the <<cond>> is retrieved from the model.
315 minDiscussion items in GitHub Issues

Bernd proposed to capture the discussion items in GitHub Issues than in the IISOMI Meeting Minutes and just provide a link to the GitHubIssue in the minutes. This prevents that the same discussion minutes appear many times in the minutes. Two draft Issues are contained in and and have been presented at the meeting.

At the discussion it was pointed out that

  • a private repository is not the appropriate place for the items since not everyone has access to this
  • the ONF GitHub is publicly available but not all participants are allowed to contribute to it
  • there is no single ONF repository which could host such Issues; IISOMI is spread over many repositories
  • it might be possible to cover the discussions in Wiki pages
  • new discussions should be captured in the Meeting Minutes and then copied to the Wiki pages
  •  Bernd Zeuner Draft an example Wiki page that capture an discussion item

Andrea highlighted the need to use yang feature/condition capabilities. MEF are planning on introducing updates to TAPI to allow isolation of specific MEF relevant parts.

There was a brief related non-IISOMI discussion on interworking between ONF TAPI and MEF.

There is a need for tooling support.

September 24, October 1: No discussion

410 minExtended composition in UML (including object classes and interfaces)

Not discussed. Defer to next call

September 7, 24: No discussion

October 1:

Agreement: Extended composition should also be available for Interfaces and Signals.

Question: Can one extension class (Class, Interface, Signal) extend more than one base class (Class, Interface, Signal)? → Yes

  •  Italo Busi To verify and confirm that an "Extended composition" can also be used with Interfaces and Signals.
510 min

Convention of UML property names in document/comment/description

September 7, 24: No discussion

October 1:

Mentioning of UML artefact names (UCC) in YANG descriptions creates problems.
E.g., TerminationPoint (object class) is converted in YANG to termination-point (statement) but if "TerminationPoint" appears in the related YANG description it is remains TerminationPoint.

Agreement: The Mapping Tool should convert also the artefact names within the descriptions to YANG style (i.e., kebab-case). The list of names to be converted in the descriptions is limited to the UML artefact names.

  •  Bernd Zeuner Update the Mapping Guidelines with a rule that artefact names within the descriptions should be converted to YANG style.
Papyrus-Model2Doc feature

May 142021-05-14 IISOMI Meeting notes  

Scott Mansfield presented the Model2Doc feature from Papyrus

  • still in pre-release state
  • need to install Model2Doc tool integrated into Eclipse 2021-03 (nightly build) and Papyrus 5.1 (nightly) and Model2Doc (0.8.0 nightly)
  • requires Java version greater than 11
  • creates Word files
  • need to check if Model2Doc provides at least the functionality of Gendoc
  • Gendoc does not work with newer Papyrus versions (see below)
  • Further investigation is required
  • Work continues to create a model2doc template that produces the same material as the gendoc template (class/attribute/datatype/stereotype etc.)

GenDoc no longer work with Eclipse Papyrus 2020-06. 

May 282021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes


September 7, 24, October 1: No discussion


Papyrus Releases


Consider a plan for convergence of ITU-T Q14/15, ONF Common IM and TAPI to 2020-06 (4.16) version

September 24: Reaffirmed the need to explore 2020-06 (4.16) release

October 1: No discussion


Private GitHub

Just for information; was not discussed October 1:

Scott Mansfield created reengineer-private Github repository and added the reengineered IEEE and IETF YANG models from Februrary 12, 2020 to it.
People interested can ask Scott Mansfield for the access.


Cleanup of the existing public GitHub (ONF EAGLE), rationalize the forks/branches

September 7: No discussion

September 24: Scott Mansfield clarifies that without the involvement of key folks with authority on Github no progress can be performed. No administrators appear for ONF EAGLE Github.

October 1: No discussion


GenDoc Issues

Gendoc output for Interfaces, Operations, Associations, Abstractions

How to dump endpoints of abstractions?

Italo Busi Dump of Realizations possible?
Andrea Mazzini Given that Interface Realizations are dumped as Abstractions, maybe this is valid also for Realizations.

Other Gendoc Issues

May 142021-05-14 IISOMI Meeting notes

  • GenDoc didn't generate constraint
  • GenDoc didn't generate the Interface definitions
  • GenDoc didn't generate the Type of pointed external (imported) classes
  • GenDoc OstigOTtpSource::txti:EByte multiplicity [64] is not generated correctly
  • AI (5/28/2021): Scott Mansfield to look at all GenDoc issues above and try to find solutions

May 28:  2021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes

  • Discussed possible output formats of interfaces/operations.

September 7, 24, October 1:  No discussion

1110 min

UML → YANG Mapping Tool

O-RAN cooperation

October 1:

O-RAN policy has changed collaboration rules. (O-RAN Alliance is registered in Germany)

Agenda of next callAll
  • Administrative
  • Discussion items in Wiki pages
  • Feature/condition
  • UML → YANG Mapping Tool update
    • O-RAN cooperation
  • Papyrus-Model2Doc further investigations?
  • Papyrus Releases
    • Consider a plan for convergence of ITU-T Q14/15, ONF Common IM and TAPI to 2020-06 (4.16) version
  • Private GitHub
  • Public GitHup
  • Gendoc Issues
    • Gendoc output for Interfaces, Operations, Associations, Abstractions
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB