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  • IISOMI 2021-09-03 Meeting Minutes

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15 minAdmin: Call planAll

 Leader: Andrea Mazzini  (Not available: Bernd)

 Leader: Scott Mansfield (Not available: Bernd, Kam, Italo)

Leader: __ (Not available: Bernd, Kam)

220  min

Admin: IISOMI Action Items status


IISOMI Action Items review (every meeting)

Action items regated

  •  Nigel Davis   Review proposal for "UML comments often include construct name formatted according to the UML guidelines. When the UML is converted to Yang the construct names are then incorrectly formatted." (in minutes 2021-07-30 IISOMI Meeting Minutes  ).

Action items done

Scott Mansfield    In the private Github, to tag release numbers to the tool. 

Refresh Action Items

Scott Mansfield   To take the gendoc examples from the guidelines and perform regression test. 

Scott Mansfield    To investigate why none of the <<cond>> is retrieved from the model. 

Hing-Kam Lam     At the meeting, to review ORAN tooling funding status to enable planning for key activities related to guidelines etc. to enable new tooling to be constructed.

Action item discussed

  • Bernd Zeuner  To update TR-515 (Papyrus Guidelines): Sections 7.4.6 (To add how to auto resize; to add how to use the local stylesheet); 5.2 (To point to the Wiki page for the versions of Eclipse & Papyrus that IISOMI are using); 5.4 (To add the link of the gendoc download site and also the IISOMI latest releases wiki page). To update the IISOMI Tooling wiki page to add the pointers/links to the tools. To update the IISOMI Deliverables wiki page to add (as for information) the pointers/links of the available mapping tools.
  • Bernd ran through details of adjustments to the Guidelines (extracts below)

Nigel suggested a wiki for the “Tips & Tricks”. Each document release could capture the latest state from the wiki and refer to the wiki for updates and changes.

Bernd explained that he had removed most mentions/references to specific versions and had neutralized the figures etc. Where a specific version is mentioned it is highlighted as an example as below.

Various neutralized diagrams...


Andrea highlighted the need to use yang feature/condition capabilities. MEF are planning on introducing updates to TAPI to allow isolation of specific MEF relevant parts.

There was a brief related non-IISOMI discussion on interworking between ONF TAPI and MEF.

There is a need for tooling support.
Extended composition in UML (including object classes and interfaces)Italo/Kam

Not discussed. Defer to next call

September 7: No discussion


Convention of UML property names in document/comment/description

KamSeptember 7: No discussion

Gendoc output for Interfaces and Operations and Association

AllSeptember 7: No discussion
Papyrus-Model2Doc feature

May 142021-05-14 IISOMI Meeting notes  

Scott Mansfield presented the Model2Doc feature from Papyrus

  • still in pre-release state
  • need to install Model2Doc tool integrated into Eclipse 2021-03 (nightly build) and Papyrus 5.1 (nightly) and Model2Doc (0.8.0 nightly)
  • requires Java version greater than 11
  • creates Word files
  • need to check if Model2Doc provides at least the functionality of Gendoc
  • Gendoc does not work with newer Papyrus versions (see below)
  • Further investigation is required
  • Work continues to create a model2doc template that produces the same material as the gendoc template (class/attribute/datatype/stereotype etc.)

GenDoc no longer work with Eclipse Papyrus 2020-06. 

May 282021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes


September 7: No discussion

815 min

Papyrus versions


Scott Mansfield clarifies that the more recent versions do not include the "package" (see Papyrus Releases)

  • 2021-06 (4.20) version, the Gendoc works on MAC but not on PC, hence there is something not working in the environment.
    • Recalled that in the .ini file is possible to address a specific Java version.
  • Agreed that SG15, ONF Core IM and ONF TAPI shall converge on version 2020-06 (4.16)

August 13:  Updated Papyrus releases page

September 7: No discussion

910 min

Private GitHub

Scott Mansfield clarifies that the private Github for xmi2yang modification is available.

  • People interested can ask Scott Mansfield for the access.
  • Andrea Mazzini is starting some tests of Scott Mansfield version of uml2yang tool. The differences between yang modules generated by different tool versions are difficult to be evaluated through simple "diff" feature.
    • Scott Mansfield advises to apply pyang and pretty printer to the generated modules, to remove all formal differences (e.g. the order of statements, the blanks/tabs).
    • Nigel Davis and Andrea Mazzini tried to install pyang but unsuccessfully. Scott Mansfield will provide guidance.
    • The target is the alignment of generated Yang modules across different SDOs.

September 7: No discussion

1040 mins

Cleanup of the existing public GitHub (ONF EAGLE), rationalize the forks/branches

September 7: No discussion

Papyrus 5.0.0 Version

June 11: No discussion


September 7: No discussion


GenDoc Issues

May 142021-05-14 IISOMI Meeting notes

  • GenDoc didn't generate constraint
  • GenDoc didn't generate the Interface definitions
  • GenDoc didn't generate the Type of pointed external (imported) classes
  • GenDoc OstigOTtpSource::txti:EByte multiplicity [64] is not generated correctly
  • AI (5/28/2021): Scott Mansfield to look at all GenDoc issues above and try to find solutions

May 28:  2021-05-28 IISOMI Meeting notes

  • Discussed possible output formats of interfaces/operations.

September 7:  No discussion

Agenda of next callAll
  • Administrative
  • Extended composition in UML (including object classes and interfaces)
  • How to display Association information using Gendoc
  • UML → YANG Mapping Tool update
    • O-RAN cooperation
    • Cleanup of the existing public GitHub (ONF EAGLE), rationalize the forks/branches
      • How to merge the private GitHub development into the public GitHub (ONF EAGLE)
    • Consider a plan for convergence of ITU-T Q14/15, ONF Common IM and TAPI to 2020-06 (4.16) version
  • Convention of UML property names in document/comment/description
  • Gendoc output for Interfaces and Operations and Association
  • Papyrus-Model2Doc further investigations?
  • Papyrus 5.0.0 Version (202106)
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB