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5 minsAdministrative


Review of TR-547 1.1: Scheduled 2 hours calls for Sept 3, 6, 8, 9.

  • Invited Ramon, Nigel, Ronald, Pedro, Arturo. Please others interested to contact Andrea.

TAPI weeky call

5 mins

Brief review of v2.3 release

Andrea Mazzini

Andrea Mazzini briefly presents the 2.3 release, no further comments.

80 mins

Plan for 2.4 delivery


Review and update of TAPI Roadmap 2021

  1. Agreed the replacement of all ENUM with IDENTITY.
    • Nigel Davis there can be ENUM "on purpose", i.e. when it is explicitly forbidden any (proprietary) extension.
      •  Andrea Mazzini will setup dedicated calls for the sistematic systematic review of all ENUMs.
  2. Candidate refinements (otcc2020.ND.013_Tapi-NotesOn2.1.4.pptx)
    •  Nigel Davis to review and update as necessary, then evaluate which items shall be planned for TAPI 2.4 or later.
  3. Agreed to split in two sets the features candidate for 2.4:
    1. Features relatively ready to implement (because contributions already available and/or inherently simple)
    2. Features which need contributions - read it as "if you are interested, please contribute with detailed proposal, etc."
  4. Agreed to remove all RPCs (in TAPI 2.3 are marked as "deprecated")
    • Clarified that NetworkTopologyService class is the analogous of ConnectivityService and OamService but for topology. Will keep it in case of future developments regarding provisioning of topology items.
    • Nigel Davis could work on a proposal concerning Virtual Network Service and Topology Service. Likely the Virtual Network Service model can be dismantled in favor of some enhancements to Topology model. "Slicing" is one key aspect. In any case, this is for TAPI 3.0 or similar.
  5. Jonathan Sadler proposes to add the security chapter. Agreed that is in the scope of the TR-547 RIA 1.2. A document, provided by Jonathan Sadler, discussing the security requirements etc., has been uploaded by Nigel Davis at otcc2021.JS.001_tapi-security.docx.
  6. Nigel Davis the Performance Monitoring model for Streaming needs further study, considering also ORAN.
30 mins

Delivering RIA 1.1

Arturo Mayoral 

Arturo has performed a separate review of current RIA version (ONF TAPI RIA), with the purpose to assign a maturity level to each use case. A spreadsheet is presented.

  • Andrea Mazzini clarifies that the review is mainly syntactical, i.e. no semantical enhancements - which would need discussion at regular TAPI calls.
  • Arturo points out that some use cases have been marked as "solved" in the meeting notes (see above e.g. ENNI/INNI Asymmetric service provisioning for multi-domain scenarios, agree UCs (solved).
  • Andrea Mazzini indicates that the review has covered so far use cases till 5b one. When we will cover "solved" use cases, we will update the RIA accordingly, in order to enhance their maturity level.
  • Arturo recalls that priority is on Fault Management use cases.
  • Agreed to evaluate a prioritization of the use cases.