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5 minsAdministrative


Review of TR-547 1.1: Scheduled 2 hours calls for Aug 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13.

  • Invited Ramon, Nigel, Ronald, Pedro, Arturo. Please others interested to contact Andrea.

TAPI weeky call - canceled

TAPI weeky call - canceled (Andrea is not available)

 TAPI weeky call - canceled (Andrea is not available)

 TAPI weeky call

5 minsTIP MUSTNigel Davis

 Nigel Davis informs that TIP MUST should have become accessible also to vendors.

60 mins

Review of last updates for version 2.3 delivery

  • “undefined” type for object creation notification contents?

Andrea Mazzini presents the last updates to the UML model candidate for 2.3 release.

  • TapiOdu and TapiPhotonic, the comments on the diagrams have been copied (and when necessary restructured) to the comments of relevant object classes, hence making them available also in generated Yang modules.
  • TapiOam, added to OamJob a reference to ConnectivityService, in case the OamJob instance is not related to any OamService/Point but created together with ConnectivityService through ConnectivityOamJob augment.
  • “undefined” type for object creation notification contents, agreed to define in TapiCommon a new primitive type AnyType to be used as the generic type for the content of object creation notification.
    • Check how uml2yang tool manages this new primitive.