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Key People & Communication Channels


Technical Steering Team (TST)

The Technical Steering Team is the group of people responsible for the technical direction of the project. As of April 2022, the SD-Fabric TST consists of the following members:

Mailing Lists

yet, here are some key people to contact in the SD-Fabric team. For technical questions and discussion, we highly recommend posting to the mailing lists, where the entire community can benefit from the answer. 

  • Charles Chan, ONF (MTS, charles@opennetworking.org)
  • Saurav Das, ONF (VP of Engineering, saurav.das@opennetworking.org)
  • Pier Luigi Ventre, ONF (MTS, pier@opennetworking.org)
  • Carmelo Cascone, ONF (MTS, carmelo@openetworking.org)

Mailing Lists


Project Documentation

For up-to-date documentation on the architecture, capabilities, and instructions to deploy and use SD-Fabric, please refer to the official documentation:



The code repos can be found at : 

We expect all ONF employees, member companies, and participants to abide by our Code of Conduct. If you have any questions or concerns, please notify a member of the ONF team or email conduct@opennetworking.org.