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20 minsAdministrative


 TAPI Call: 2 hours

Review the updated TR-547-TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement_v1.1.docx

  • New use cases: 0d, 1g, 1h, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3d, 3e, 3f, 5d, 11a, 11b, 13b, 13c, 16a, 16b.
  • Check the agreements on scenarios 0d, 1g, 1h, 2a, 2b, 2c, 5d.
  • Link model, agree a general rule.

Karthik Sethuraman gave a TAPI presentation at O-RAN SG1, which is looking at topology and connectivity model for transport.

Ramon Casellas the plan should be:

  1. Stabilize TR-547 V1.1 for TAPI version 2.1.3
  2. Consolidate TAPI version 2.3
  3. Proceed with TR-547 V1.2 which will include some use cases supported by TAPI version 2.3

Andrea Mazzini briefly presents the updated otcc2020.AM.005_TAPI_Enhancements.pptx with the tables summarizing all use cases.

40 mins

Review the updated TR-547-TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement_v1.1.docx

  • Finalize the discussion on asymmetric scenarios

Andrea Mazzini presents the updated otcc2020.AM.001_TAPI_Photonic_Model_Evolution.pptx

  • Agreed that
    • The NEP shall include only the local capabilities.
    • The SIP shall include both local and network capabilities - e.g. DSR protocol qualifiers in figure below.

  • Agreed that TR-547 shall include the description of the "DIGITAL_OTN ENNI", reusable for all asymmetric connectivity use cases.
60 mins

Review session of draft TR-548 (Streaming RIA)

Nigel Davis presents (changes-on 3-Sep-2020)

  • The Use Cases are the key items for review.
  • Victor Lopez asks why introduce an interface strategy for TAPI, which is essentially only a model. Is ONF the right place for this subject? What about related works in other SDOs?
  • Nigel Davis the specified strategy is similar to gNMI streaming telemetry, with more refined synchronization mechanisms.
  • Andrea Mazzini recalls that TR-547 includes Restconf APIs. Is TR-548 prescribing any protocol to support streaming? Nigel Davis answers that TR-548 candidate transport protocols include “websockets” [RFC6455] and “sse” [W3C SSE], together with YANG for encoding.
  • Ramon Casellasasks whether the proposal is to replace notifications (and GETs) with streaming, Nigel Davis answers that it is a new approach, ideally replacing in future the existing paradigms. There are premises that the mechanism is more efficient, but this shall be proven by implementations.
  • Nigel Davis recalls that the uml2yang tool does not map in Yang whether an UML attribute is mandatory or not.
  • Victor Lopez proposes to have a separate call for clarification regarding TR-548 scope. Agreed.