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10 minsAdministrative

Next week second session of 3 days / 5 hours (1pm - 6pm CET)

Draft agenda: 2020Q3 TAPI Virtual Meeting Agenda and Notes Oct. 19/20/21 and Nov. 09/10/11

  • Session 2:  

Please add the link to your contributions to the agenda page

10 mins

Update on TAPI Edge Pull Request

The pull request includes enhancements to:

90 mins

ODU Layer inverse multiplexing over OTSiA,

ENNI/INNI Asymmetric service provisioning for multi-domain scenarios.


Andrea Mazzini presents otcc2020.AM.004_PhotonicAndAsymmScenarios.pptx.

  • Summary of agreements:
    1. Create a new class, OtuConnectionEndPointSpec, where to move ODUCn and OTU/FEC attributes of OduConnectionEndPointSpec
    2. Perform analogous task on ODU CSEP, i.e. there will be ODU CSEP and OTU CSEP
    3. For further analysis the DSR CEP
  • The picture below shows OTU case, without ODUCn:

  • The picture below shows OTU+ODUCn case:

  • The picture below shows DSR case:

  • Some discussion on criteria for SIP availability, agreed that there are several possible cases, we shall identify the ones of interest for the RIA.
  • Model of the capability/features shall be provided at
    • Hw design level (what the equipment can support)
    • Sw design level (which equipment capabilities are supported by the Sw)
    • Netwrk design level (the combination of features made available by the network)