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Next meetings

2020-10-28: Martin Skorupski

2020-11-04: Martin Skorupski

2020-11-11: Martin Skorupski

2020-11-18: Martin Skorupski

00:00Software Inventory

Last week we started a discussion about Software Inventory.

  • Software Management (download, install, activate) is not in the current focus
  • Relation to hardware inventory (equipment) is required

An YANG example which is useful can be found here: (just as inspiration and to check if there are missing parts in CoreModel 1.4)

Please see contribution by TEF (Edurado)
... which also guides discussion for License ManagementRoberto Servadio

RMON counter

  • RMON counter in ETH-Container, while others are in MAC-Interface
  • Open question: Where centralize the RMON counter
  • Working assumption: All RMON counters should be part of the EthernetContainer_PAC (Status and PerformanceMonitoring)
  • Next Step: 
    • update related ETH and MAC issues in OpenBackhaul for final proposal
    • AI Martin Skorupski consolidate proposed solutions 

@Eduardo YustaLicense Management


  • Are License be updated during life time of the device?
    • Answer: yes - there are such cases, particularity for feature enhancements or for later enabling a license - xPIC may come later, when the second link is deployed.
  • Understanding association between License Firmware, LTP, Hardware, Features/Function?
  • Do all devices require a license? 
  • Is a "feature-key" a "License" - from functional point: yes
  • What kind of License types needs to be supported - Software, Hardware, Interface, LTP, Capacity, Features, Function, ....
    • Frist idea: focus on interface-capabilities

Frist proposal:

  • ControlConstruct
    • LicenseList
      • License
        • Name
        • Type
        • Description
        • key (value; hash to be checked against, ...)
        • additional-configuration - (e.g. max capacity is xyz MBit/s)
        • State: activated; expired, no-active, ....
        • pointing to "something"

00:00Layering discussion (FCs, FDs etc.)Thorsten Heinze
  • Will publish in wiki the latest slide which is the result of discussions:
  • View file
    nameslides to be published.pptx
  • link to the contribution: 2020-09-16 5G-xHaul Meeting notes

  • Continue discussion from last week
  • Question:
    • 1x VLAN FD and 2x VLAN FC
      • Impact on MAC interfaces
  • 1:1 betweeen VLAN-IF-LTP and EthernetContainer-LTP
  • 1x physical → only one MAC-Interface?
  • MacSwitch attributes: mac-address-learning, aging-time - are such attributes sufficient to instantiate a new FD/FC objects.
  • MacFC could give a better overview - further clarifications

Agenda: 2020-09-30

Discussion and agreement about the following proposal:


The following aspects are proposed to be decided by the 5G-xhaul subproject.

-          The ForwardingDomain shall be interpreted as a Potential for Forwarding (e.g. SDH Matrix).

[sko] Potential: something which allows the creation of “forwarding” based in the FD:LTP

-          The ForwardingConstruct shall be interpreted as an Actual Forwarding (e.g. Connection between two VC-12 endpoints at the SDH Matrix).

[sko] Actual: configured Forwarding – check operational states and traffic flow

-          There might be 0 .. * ForwardingConstructs inside a ForwardingDomain.

[sko] ok

Discussion on dependencies between LTPs, FD, FC and between the layers will continue...

Agenda: 2020-10-07

  • Last week we started discussing a HUB presentation using FD and FCs: but there are several ways to represent a HUB: Depending on the chosen representation there are different consequences. ... (see attachment: link)

Action items