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2am PDT | 5am EDT | 9:00 UTC | 11:00 CEST | 12:00 EEST | 14:30 IST | 17:00 CST | 18:00 JST |

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Next meetings

2020-09-23: Martin Skorupski

2020-09-30: Martin Skorupski

2020-10-07: Martin Skorupski

2020-10-14: Martin Skorupski

00:00Excel file for vendors with VLAN and MAC capabilities
  • 4 vendors provided feedback until now
  • Capabilities for alarms?
  • Good basis for starting, everybody else should nevertheless send their feedback
00:00Model questions/discussionsThorsten Heinze
  • No questions
00:00Layering discussion (FCs, FDs etc.)Thorsten Heinze
  • Will publish in wiki the latest slide which is the result of discussions until now
  • link to the contribution: 2020-09-16 5G-xHaul Meeting notes

  • Continue discussion from last week
  • Question:
    • 1x VLAN FD and 2x VLAN FC
      • Impact on MAC interfaces
  • 1:1 betweeen VLAN-IF-LTP and EthernetContainer-LTP
  • 1x physical → only one MAC-Interface?
  • MacSwitch attributes: mac-address-learning, aging-time - are such attributes sufficient to instantiate a new FD/FC objects.
  • MacFC could give a better overview - further clarifications

Action items