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  • 2020-07-30 OIMT Meeting notes

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  • Administrative
  • Security Audit 
  • Optical Amplifier modeling 

Discussion items







Security Audit


Presentation from Jonathan

  • Premise
  • The Three "As"
  • A bit more on Auditing
  • Note that in TR-512.A.2, secton 3.13 "The extended Component-Port pattern", there the component's Security port through which the component may be secured. 
  • Next step: Continue the presentation next week in the OIMT call
OA modelingItalo

Optical Amplifier (OA) modeling

  • Background:
    • In the current draft G.876, the focus of OA is mainly on the power amplification aspect, not on the connectivity aspect.
      •  ROADM port (bidirectional view)


      • iLA ports (bidirectional view)    

      • The current proposal in G.876 is thus to model the OA as an auxiliary object, similar to the modeling of the TCS (traffic conditioning/shaping) function in G.8052, where the TCS is modeled as an auxiliary object class.
        • The model could be further simplied by refactoring the OA auxiliary object into the OmsTtpSpec and OmsCtpSpec


  • Suggestion from the discussion
    • To model OA in genral as ForwardingConstruct (FC)
      • So that can have general consistency for all cases, including the case of distributed OA although which is not in the scope of the current version of the G.876 model
      • In the case where the FC doesn't need to be explicitly managed, it could be refactored into the LTP (such as the OMS TTP or OMC CTP) as part of the TP. This will achieve the same simplified result of the auxiliary object class proposal
    • To look at the example models of OA in TR-512.A.4
  • Next step
    • Continue discussion in the OIMT call next week.
    • Outcome could be as a multi-company contribution to the SG15 September meeting.
Next calls
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    • Security audit
    • OA modeling
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