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  • 2020-07-17 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

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15 minCall planAll

 Leader Nigel Davis

 Leader Hing-Kam Lam

 Leader Bernd Zeuner

Leader Andrea Mazzini

Leader Nigel Davis  

Leader Hing-Kam Lam(Andrea: not available)

 Leader Bernd Zeuner(Andrea, Italo: not available)

25 minAdminAll

Need to ask Karthik Sethuramanto attend the next call.

345 minEagle UML->Yang mappingAll

Bernd: Composition creates structure but also has an attribute part of object key but this causes an unnecessary ref grouping.

Need to check whether the tooling has the correct behaviour where there is both a composition and an aggregation to the same class. There should be one grouping.

Italo suggested that instead of creating the groupings the reference could perhaps be better be in line.

Uses has a references then by reference, and object class is by value.

All classes and complex data types the tool creates a grouping. Then it creates a reference grouping for part of object key.

We explored the following complex structure.

With the following rules for tool generated yang.

Further discussed the inline path refs as opposed to ref grouping

Further discussion on actual path and its content. There was an example from teas yang path computation.

Italo sketched examples of paths for the complex example in TR-531.

This was further developed as below.

Nigel noted that the TAPI paths do not look like the example above, see example below.

It was agreed that the discussion will continue next week.

45 minAgenda of next callAll

Last call

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50 minAOBAllNone