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  • 2020-07-03 IISOMI Meeting minutes

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  • Administrative
    • Call plan (schedule, leader)
  • Eagle UML->Yang tool
    • UML-YANG Tool release process
    • Appropriate version of the tool for deliverable generation
  • UUID and Local Id
  • Papyrus version 
  • Guideline on the Reference stereotype
  • UML-YANG mapping
    • Comments from Italo on the G.8052.1 yang
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB


15 minCall planAll

 Leader Bernd Zeuner (Andrea on vacation) (Italo, Nigel and Scott are not available) (only Kam and Bernd were at the call → had a short discussion on the agenda for next week)

 Leader Andrea Mazzini

 Leader Nigel Davis

 Leader Hing-Kam Lam


210 minEagle UML->Yang toolAll
  1. UML-YANG Tool release process
    Use a semi-formal release process. Latest version on git may not be the best to use for a release.
  2. Need to identify the appropriate version of the tool for deliverable generation.
310 minUUID and Local Id?
410 minPapyrus versionAllSurvey result
  • 2018-09: Bernd, Italo, Kam, Scott, Nigel
  • 2019-09: Andrea, Nigel
  • 2020-03: Karthik
  • 2020-06: Karthik
515 min

Guideline on the Reference stereotype

Italo Busi

Italo commented that the currect specification of the Reference stereotype (Section 6.5.4 "Reference Property") in the modeling guideline (TR-514 v1.3) is not clear/complete enough.

6.5.4   Reference Property

A reference can be defined for all UML artifacts. This is an optional property which contains a reference to the source which the artifact is based on. A reference to a standard, if it exists, is preferrable. The following form is recommended: <SDO> <Standard> <Version>: <section>; e.g., "IEEE Std 802.1AB-2016:".

The reference property is defined in the Reference stereotype and extent the Element Metaclass.

Italo provided the following examples "comment" and "reference" from the updating of G.875:

  •  Comments:
  • References:
65 minUML-YANG mappingItalo Busi

Comments from Italo on the G.8052.1 yang

75 minAgenda of next callAll

Call plan for  

All agenda items from this week


Check status of suggested action for resolving the G.8052.1 UML to Yang mapping issues

  • Object key with the "config false"; see Issues 1 & 3 in the "itut-g-8052dot-1@2020-01-27_modified.yang" file 
  • Missing typedef, such as alarm-severity-code, csf-config, etc.; see "Issue 4" in the "itut-g-8052dot-1@2020-01-27_modified.yang" file 
80 minAOBAllNone

Action items