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  • 2020-06-19 IISOMI Meeting minutes

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5 minCall planAll

 Leader Hing-Kam Lam

 Leader Italo Busi (Bernd & Andrea on vacation)

 Leader Bernd Zeuner (Andrea on vacation)

 Leader Andrea Mazzini

 Leader Nigel Davis

 Leader Hing-Kam Lam

0 min

Eagle UML → Yang: Improved release process for tooling (not discussed)


Need to identify the appropriate version of the tool for deliverable generation. Use a semi-formal release process. Latest version on git may not be the best to use for a release.

0 minCheck pending Merge pull request#14 (not discussed)
0 minUUID and Local Id (not discussed)

55 minPapyrus version & URL for installation

Which version of Papyrus is recommended

  • Survey result
    • 2018-09: Bernd, Italo, Kam, Scott, Nigel
    • 2019-09: Andrea, Nigel
    • 2020-03: Karthik
    • 2020-06: Karthik
  • Need recommendation from Karthik
  • Nigel: One can open/edit a model, which was created by a newer version of Papyrus. 
    •  Karthik Sethuraman To recommend which version of Papyrus to be used.
      • Has been using the 2020-03 and will upgrade to 2020-06. Always try to upgrade to the latest version assuming that it is more stable.

Updating the installation part of the Papyrus Guidelines; how to deal with changed URLs for the downloads

  • The URL in the current guideline document is out of date already. 
  • Agreed approach:
    • The guideline document points to a table in the IISOMI wiki, there is the table that shows the URLs of the available Eclipse/Papyrus versions.
      •  Bernd ZeunerTo provide the table of Eclipse/Papyrus versions and URLs: Papyrus Releases
        • The discussion clarified that
          • In the 2nd column, the link is for downloading only the Papyrus 
          • In the 4th column (Eclipse version), the link is for downloading only the Eclipse. One still needs to download the plug-in (such as Papyrus, Gendoc, etc.) separately
          • In the 5th column (Eclipse+Papyrus), the link is for downloading the package of Eclipse and Papyrus together. Note that one still needs to download the Gendoc plugin separately.
      •  Bernd Zeuner Update the Papyrus Releases table per feedback from the discussion, i.e., to merge the Eclipse Release Name column (1st column) and the Eclipse Version column (4th column) 

Guideline on the Reference stereotype

  • Italo commented that the currect specification of the Reference stereotype (Section 6.5.4 "Reference Property") in the modeling guideline (TR-514 v1.3) is not clear/complete enough.
    •  Italo Busi  To provide the cases that couldn't be clearly specified per the current guidelines.
      •  Italo provided the following examples "comment" and "reference" from the updating of G.875:
        •  Comments:
        • References:
2 minAgenda of next callAll

Call plan for

  • Eagle UML->Yang tool
  • Check status of suggested action for resolving the G.8052.1 UML to Yang mapping issues (See 2020-05-22 IISOMI Meeting minutes)
    • Object key with the "config false"; see Issues 1 & 3 in the "itut-g-8052dot-1@2020-01-27_modified.yang" file (See )
    • Missing typedef, such as alarm-severity-code, csf-config, etc.; see "Issue 4" in the "itut-g-8052dot-1@2020-01-27_modified.yang" file
  • Discuss UUID and Local Id
  • Papyrus version & URL for installation 
  • Guideline on the Reference stereotype
  • UML-YANG mapping
    • Comments from Italo on the G.8052.1 yang
0 minAOBAllNone