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  • Scope

    • Purpose 
      • Provide support for streaming as part of the interaction patterns work
    • Specifically 
      • Model

        • Streaming in the context of the ControlConstruct and ControlPort

        • The essential stream controls and monitors
        • The structure of records supported by the stream
      • Explain
        • Various streaming strategies and the context in which they are applicable
        • Advancements to streaming that could be made to optimize efficiency
        • How streaming can provide most relevant information transfer from a provider Controller to its clients
    • Includes
      • Compacted Log streaming
    • Excludes
      • Protocol definition (for TAPI to determine)
      • Streaming of intent (for later release)
    • External Dependencies
    • Assumptions
    • Risks
  • Plan

    • Planned Deliverable
      • No plan yet
  • Actions

    • The following is a list of actions consolidated from minutes. So as to not duplicate the actions the actions from the minutes have been cleared.
    • From 2020 OIMT Virtual Face to Face - Week of April 13

      Not to specialize ControlConstruct for streaming. 

      •  Nigel Davis Streaming: Not to use the raw term "Log", stream log, filter log, 
      •  Nigel Davis Streaming: Clarify multiplicity between ControlPort and StreamHandler in the context of multiple clients
      •  Nigel Davis Streaming: Once change to the Spec approach, check what the impact on TAPI is. Note that the spec approach of streaming is about "How", not "What".

      Agreed that in this release, we assume reliable streaming. Not address unreliable broadcast case

      •  Nigel Davis Streaming: Construct the Streaming Spec model (potential for next week call)

      There are prior work in TMF that we may gain benefit on (Spec alternatives / requires / excludes / refinement (substitution, division, fusion))

      •  Nigel Davis Streaming: Security concern. Before attach to the ControlPort, also determine what the client can do. Enforce at the port. Security of content during transferring.
      •  Nigel Davis Streaming: Authenticity of the record (identifies of the creator of the record) RFC5848 (this is just an example of implementation). Both directions (e.g., backpress message from the client, request of replay)
      •  Nigel Davis Streaming: Authenticity of "back pressure/replay" requests from client
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