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5 minsAdministrative
  • Next F2F TAPI meeting, hosted by Telefonica/Madrid:
    • -  
    • but at least Andrea is not allowed to travel. Let's see evolution of coronavirus.

  • Open issue regarding call slot assignment: today we were preempted by another ONF meeting overlapping last scheduled hour
    • ONF TAPI Call is scheduled by ONF admin from 3pm to 5pm CET
    • So far we had several longer calls without any preemption issue
    • Reasonably we can ask to extend to four hours - with option for two additional hours "on demand".

  • TAPI Call: 3 hours, note that US is in daylight saving time, call will anyway start at 3pm CET which means one hour later than usual in US, to avoid overlap with 2pm CET (at 1pm CET there is the ITU-T Q14/15 eMeeting on IM/DM Modeling Coordination.)
    • Continue Review of TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.2 Reference Implementation_v0.5.docx
    • 2.1.3 version freeze, tentative target March 20: review of modifications and open issues
    • OTSiMCA/MCA CSEP attributes
    • Multi-layer model / capabilities: at least in the scope of TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.2 Reference Implementation
    • OAM model for ODU and Photonic

    • Preparation of May f2f agenda
70 mins

TAPI Security


Jonathan Sadler presents an overview on security

  1. The Three "As", Authentication, Authorization, Auditing
    • Authentication: who are you
    • Authorization: what you can do on which objects
    • Auditing: any strange thing happened? Logging/Forensic.
  2. From TAPI perspective, Authorization is the most important aspect.
    • "Least Privilege": the minimum authorizations to perform tasks but preventing damages/leaking of info
      • E.g. Custom A cannot see the slices assigned to Custom B.
  3. ITU-T X.509 Information technology – Open Systems Interconnection – The Directory: Public-key and attribute certificate frameworks
  4. Situational Parameters, e.g. check on time&distance plausibility of credit card usages
  5. IETF RFC 8341 NETCONF Access Control Model (NACM)
    • Groups and Rules
    • An user can belong to more groups
    • Situational Params not supported
50 minsVersion 2.1.3 freeze: check all modificationsAndrea Mazzini

Andrea Mazzini presents otcc2020.AM.002_TAPI_2.1.3_Enhancements.pptx

  • Summary of agreements:
    1. PhotonicLayerQualifier: keep OTSiG, replace NMC/A with OTSiMC/A, SMC/A with MC/A

    2. LayerProtocolQualifier: add new “UNSPECIFIED” literal
    3. SIP: add direction attribute, type "PortDirection", optional (0..1), default "UNDEFINED_OR_UNKNOWN", explanation that if direction attribute is missing the SIP instance is to be intended as "BIDIRECTIONAL".
    4. FEC parameters will be moved from OTSiA CEP to ODU CEP
  • ODU and Photonic OAM: currently 2.1.3 is less developed than 2.3, we need to understand how to