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 0minchair topic 
no update 

AI: Martin Skorupski Update meeting invite in calendars for zoom meeting



Next meetings

2020-02-05: Martin Skorupski2020-02-12: Martin Skorupski

2020-02-19: ??? Thorsten Heinze  

2020-02-26: ??? Thorsten Heinze

2020-03-03: Martin Skorupski

10minIssuesThorsten Heinze

Updates and news

10minModularization of TR 532
  • default value issue
    • some attributes in generated yang from UML do not have a default value.
      • Boolean only if the default is "false" → Wassem is going to fix uml2yang....
      • Enums
      • leaf-list - (Q: by Martin how is the syntax for default values in yang)
20minissuesRoberto Servadio

config false for one of the keys - but others key of the same list are config true

  • xlts-threshold-cross-alarm-definition-number

Decision: UML should have is-read-only false but "in UML profile: CREATE_ONLY".

  • Update by Throsten: 
    • identified default added but still ongoing for enums


@all → (overview, uml, yang, gendoc, interface-validator-json-schema) zip  → will get release numbers... → TR 532 2.0 will reference it.

Note: yang will be validated by ONF plugfest, PoC (?) 

AI: Martin Skorupski  CoreModel 1.4.1 → yang: 

  • what is the quality of the core-model yang.
  • completeness, ...
  • what has been pruned and refactored?

Decision: keep core-model-1-4.yang from 2019-11 as is for now ..

20minTest StatusThorsten Heinze

Validation tool improved (multi devices)

In general fine for GET operations

Write operation using RFC8040 (PUT, POST, PATCH) are not fine, due to ODL implementation 

Action items