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  • 2019-12-19 OIMT Meeting notes

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AdministrativeNigel / Kam
  • TR-512 v1.4.1 status: Not discussed.
  • Future calls and meetings 
    • Virtual meetings:
      • 2020 April. Date will be changed from 13 to 6 or 20.
        • 06:00-09:00 US Eastern Time
        • Agenda plan: TBD
    • Face-to-Face:
      • 2020 Jun 8 - 12: Face-to-Face in Madrid hosted by Telefonica
      • Agenda plan: TBD
  • Review for TR-512.A.2 the description of relationship between Logical model & physical implementation 
  • Malcolm present the draft description 
  • In CIM, we use Constraint Domain around a opague PC that encapsulates the total network functions
    • Examples: Ethernet switch, ETSI VNF.
    • Similar Chris showed an example:
    • The description will be iterated internally and ensure TAPI is in the same page
  • Malcolm will upate and post the description.
Party/Location modelChris/ Nigel

Adjustment to the models

Chris and Nigel briefly report the adjustment to the Party model

PartyRole models the relationships of the Party, not the party itself. Stablize the Party  

Location model: similar adjustment, Location and Location role

Will share the work with TMF and ONF. TMF need in Mid-January.

Future call topicsAll
  • No OIMT calls on December 26th and January 2nd
  • Next call: January 9th
    • Topics: 
      • ConstraintDomain (reversal of association - dependency) 
      • Streaming model