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CoCahnnle group
-- see

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 airInterface @all

-- #18
--- proposal: manual until automation is available.
--- issue applies to all models - no additional issues in other repos
--- "template" model is availalble - see wireInterface


-- #9
--- proposal by Michael
---- using in addtion to require-instance: false a "must statement should be used, to enable a server check.
---- using a boolean function


leaf ref {
type leafref {
path "../../wire-interface:wire-interface-capability/wire-interface:supported-pmd-kind-list/pmd-name";
require-instance false;
must 'boolean(../../wire-interface:wire-interface-capability/wire-interface:supported-pmd-kind-list[pmd-name=current()])';


-- #8
--- see also a related issue in "WireInterface".

airInterface@all-- #5
--- argument statement (xPath) now visualized in UML


To be considered not being part of the AirInterface. Proposal: treated as Profile. The group should be defined as list of pointers to AirInterface - grouping AirInterfaces by pointing to the same Group would lead to unwanted complexity.

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