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  • CoreModel Issues
  • Updates on WireInterface

Discussion items

Chair topic@all
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15minyang and Ietf-yang-types@all
  • Conclusion  after discussion:
    The UML models will be kept untouched - the UML-to-yang tool should translate to proper ietf-yang-types.


WireInterface Issue "leafref"

  • Issue with read-write leafrefs pointing to read-only entries seems to be solvable  with "required-instance false" statement. Such statement is mentioned  in IISOMI UML-yang Guidelines, but not implemented in UML-to-YANG tool. many thanks for investigations to Michael Binder
  • Proposal by Thorsten for an intermediate  (yang module) layer to address incompatibility of coremodel versions.
  • The porposal proposal  be validated by creating examples.

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