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  • 2019-10-31 OIMT Meeting notes

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IM-DAdministrativeNigel / Kam
  • Kam reported that there will be three Incoming liaison statements from the Q12/15 & Q14/15 Joint interim meeting last week in Seoul.
    1. SG15-LS219: Q12/15 & Q14/15 LS to OIMT on network slicing. It thanks ONF for the liaison (21 October 2019 ONF OIMT Position Paper on Network Slicing).
      • In general, Q12/15 and Q14/15 support the approach outlined in the position paper.
      • It recap SG15's approach to supporting a 3GPP network slice in the transport network. This approach has been documented in GSTR‑TN5G “Transport network support of IMT-2020/5G” which is available from:
    2. Q12/15 & Q14/15 LS to OIMT & OTCC on Media and OTN architectures. At the July 2019 SG15 plenary, new Recommendation G.807 (ex. and Revision to G.872 (OTN architecture) were put forward for the ITU-T approval process. Copies of G.807 and G.872 will be attached with the LS.
      • Note that G.807 and G.872 are still in the AAP approval process. So this liaison is held until G.807 and G.872 complete the AAP process.
    3. SG15-LS217: Q14/15 LS to IEEE 802.1, cc ONF, on IM/DM modeling coordination. It thanks IEEE 802.1 for providing guidelines on how to handle the ITU-T unsupported IEEE 802.1 Qcx CFM parameters of continuity check, loopback, and link trace. It notes Q14/15’s interpretation of IEEE 802.1’s guidelines is that they can ignore those unsupported CFM parameters in the ITU-T implementation. As such, Q14/15 will take this interpretation into consideration in the ITU-T G.8052.1 model design.
  • Discussion occurred on the need to publize the Core model and its modeling approach in ONF and the industry in general
  • F2F meeting and upcoming calls
    • Jun 8 - 12, 2020: Face-to-Face in Madrid hosted by Telefonica
    • November 15: TAPI All Day Virtual Meeting12:00 -18:00 CET (Central Europe Time)
    • Three 1-hour calls in the week, one topic per hour, 3 consecutive days in the week of December 9, 2019
    • Long conference call (3-hour): Apr 13th, 06-09 US Eastern Time
  • Need to plan for the December 9 calls
  • Action updates (Actions) Not discussed.

Future call topicsAll

Agreed to skip the 11/7 OIMT call