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15 minsAdministrative
  • Next TAPI Call: Next Week  

  • Next F2F Meeting Plan
    • Week of  
    • Location: TBD - Kam to check with Victor Lopez Alvarez to use Telefonica's Madrid location?
  • F2F Meeting Notes from 2019 September 9-13 OIMT & OTCC Silicon Valley Meeting

    • TAPI key topics
      • T1 Topology
      • T2 Connectivity
      • T3 Resilience
      • T4 Notification/Streaming
      • T5 Photonic 
      • T6 Routing constraint
  • TAPI 3.0 Release Plan:
    • Planned by June-end 2020
    • RC1 by April-end 2019 (feature freeze and non-backward-compatible changes)
    • RC2 by May-end 2019
    • RC3 by May-mid 2019
    • Main develop branch to remain on 2.2.x
    • Will create an develop-v3 branch that could be used to work on TAPI 3.x changes
 30 mins TAPI Wiki & Documentation Plan
  • 2 types of documentation
    • one is purely informational
      • we could use wiki as the documentation development tool for these documents
      • comments can be provided inline on per word/line/paragraph basis or as a generalized comment at the bottom of the page
        • to provide inline comments, just select the text and wait for a bubble to appear above (to left) the selected text
      • an assigned editor will manage inputs and merge changes
      • just need informal TAPI call participant approval
    • second is more formal release (essential)
      • will have a formal number and editor assigned
      • editor manage the working draft versions and merging of inputs
      • when the editor feels document is ready, will submit it to formal OTCC TST approval and will be published as a ONF Standard on approval
  •  Plan for updating TAPI Overview
  • Plan for TAPI Reference Implementation Guide
    • Arturo Mayoral will be the editor
    • Deadline for providing comments for the 1st version:  
  • Plan for Intro/Concepts presentations to support an approved TAPI release - not for proposing new features or changes
      • Must be at least presented on the TAPI call or TAPI F2F
      • In the interest of the presenter to get broad consensus and incorporate feedback from the participants
      • If there is strong disagreement on the TAPI call (not sure how to quantify strong disagreement), the TAPI group can agree to not publish this on the web page....
      • Once published, it should be possible for anyone to comment on the presentation videos to express their disagreement on what is presented
30 minsTAPI Resilience