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  • Start discussion the model about Microwave Link and related Forwarding Construct.

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1MW LINKteam
  • Target is to describe the microwave link, that is the link between two AirInterface:

    • This model will be mostly used from SDN Controller to export to applications the concept of the connection between two devices.
    • This does not impact the model of the network elements (in other words this part of the model is not used as southbound interface).
    • It is anyway technology specific model (MW specific)
  • Discussion has been held to clarify the meaning of this definition respect to the TAPI abstract model.
    • The proposal is to reuse components from TAPI and Core Model
    • Technology specific information are added
    •  Possibility is to have technology specific information that can be used also in the context of TAPI so that if operators want to dig into technology specific info there is a model available,
  • The following pictures clarify the 'vendor agnostic' information model for Microwave link:

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Image Modified



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