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  • 2019-08-08 OIMT Meeting notes

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    •  Andrea Mazzini to ask MEF to liaise the slicing work to ONF
    •  Nigel Davis to follow up with Stephen Shew
    •  Schedule a lunch session discussion on slicing and relevant material for liaising to MEF

TR-512 next releasesNigel/Kam

TR-512 next releases (v1.4.1 and v1.5 and v2.0)

  • Core model work items: Planning & Work Items
    • Nigel & Kam reported that they went through the spreadsheet (oimt2018.KL.001.17_oimt-work-items.xlsx) and identify the items that need to be described (using the Work Item Template).
      • The spreadsheet was updated in oimt2018.KL.001.18_oimt-work-items.xlsx, in which the work items are color-coded to indicate whether should there be a one wiki page brief description for the work item.
        • Listed below are the yellow-colored items extracted from oimt2018.KL.001.18_oimt-work-items.xlsx. The owners of the work items are expected to create a wiki page to give a brief description of the work items, including the scope and work plan, using the format of the template.
          • 5 OAM (Andrea Mazzini ) Aim for 11/2019
          • 6 Resilience (Karthik Sethuraman )
          • 8 Equipment enhancement (Hing-Kam Lam )
          • 9 IP switching investigation (Xiang YUN )
          • 11 Views/Context (Nigel Davis ) Aim for 9/2019
          • 13 Model structure (Nigel Davis) Aim for 9/2019 – investigation complete, now need to implement
          • 26 Intent/Constraint (Nigel Davis )
          • 35 LTP port (Nigel Davis ) – investigation complete, now need to implement
          • 36 Compute model (Stephen Shew ) -- doc done, need to add to Papyrus and gendocs
          • 37 Spec re-work (Nigel Davis )
          • 39 Event driven solution investigation (Chris Hartley / Nigel Davis) – ongoing
          • 40 Rule pattern investigation (Nigel Davis )
          • 41 Identity model investigation (Nigel Davis ) – investigation complete, now need to implement
          • 42 General profile/template approach (Nigel Davis )
          • 43 Operation pattern for general task (Nigel Davis )
          • 44 Refactor LTP Spec to be Component-System Spec (Nigel Davis )
          • 45 Model artifact lifecycle promotion (Hing-Kam Lam )
          • 56 Simplified Spec model (Nigel Davis )
          • 57 Job task process model (Chris Hartley )
      • When discussing the target date, there was confusion on whether the target date is the date for the "work item description" or completion of the work item for publication, and in the latter case for which release.
  • Chris reported on the progress of the storage model work
    • Chris has produced the initial draft TR-512.15 and TR-512.A.14 and sent to Stephen, Nigel, and Kam for feedback
    • Chris briefly presented the storage slicing numbering concept
    • Document number TR-512.16 has been allocated for the work item on CPU and Memory
  • Tool migration: Not discussed
    • Kam continues on fixing the v1.4 UML diagrams in Eclipse 4.9 Papyrus.
      • Kam is done with fixing the Resilience, Physical, Spec, Control, Interaction modules, which are being verified by Nigel.
    • Model structure for v1.5
    • OpenModel Profile updates
      • In UML OpenModel_profile, will rename the <<specify>> stereotype to <<augment >> so that can add the multiplicity and no longer use abstraction

Co-routing constraint 
  • Co-routing constraint in the Core model broader context (Andrea Mazzini,  Nigel Davis, Karthik Sethuraman, Malcolm Betts )
    • Not discussed. Deferred for next week