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  • 2019-06-13 OIMT Meeting notes

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IM-DAction item wiki pageNigel, Kam
  • Actions
  • Proposal to add OTCC to the action filter
  •  Hing-Kam Lam Nigel Davis Add OTCC to the action filter so all actions from TAPI etc. appear. Check the list of potential assignees to make sure all names are included.
  • Everyone to review the action list
  • List can be sorted by assignee
 Profile & template model Chris, Thorsten, Martin
  • Discussed model from material in oimt.2019.ND.013.00_ProfilesAndTemplates.pptx
  • Nigel worked through the general problem and the specific narrow case to be supported for the WT project
  • Nigel highlighted the need for metadata to describe the profiles and that this was essentially instance data.
    • The model sketch showed this instance data as Instance Specs but it was noted that an alternative approach could use stereotypes
    • It was pointed out that in the longer term solution a mix of constraints and absolute values would be required to be in a profile and that an absolute value was essentially just a very tight constraint
  • There was some concern over the breadth of the problem that was highlighted for the eventual solution.
  • There was some concern about the complexity of the model proposed for the eventual solution
    • The short term solution appeared to no cause major concern
  • Chris reemphasized concerns over the IPR statement on the model work
  • Thorsten explained that the work was available on github under the Apache 2 license (

  • It was agreed that this was suitable and the work could be used.


TR-512.A.6 Packet Examples: Several of the diagrams do not appear to be correct and the labels on the sections do not appear to be accurate.

  • Some study points could be listed here.