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  • 2019-06-06 OIMT Meeting notes

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IM-DPlanning for September OTCC/OIMT meeting and ONF CONNECTAll
  • Chris reported that he has reserved meeting rooms at the Cisco facility for the September OIMT/OTCC joint meeting
  • Discussed the implication on OIMT/OTCC activities and works as a result of a recent Executive Order and action taken by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
    •  Nigel Davis  To get official clarification from ONF on the situation
      • Need to get the correction understanding from ONF regarding private vs public
        • Goo to have explicit list of things that are priviate and things that are public
        • Our current understand
          • The weekly calls are public and open to everyone to join
          • The minutes are public for reading. The minutes wiki page is publicly accessible for reading, i.e., no need of password
          • The Spetember F2F OIMT/OTCC meeting: Priviate
          • TPAI github is public but it uses the core model in the priviate github.
            • Consider making the core model public soon
          • The only material really need to be priviate is the Liaison Statements from other SDOs

Beijing meeting Action item follow upAll
  • 2019-05-06~10 OIMT & OTCC Joint Interim Meeting Notes
  • People should look at their action items and follow up on
  • There are many action items from the previous meetings.
  • Some of the older action items might not be relevant anymore given the newer ones
  • Need to have a consolidated place for all the action items

Work item wiki templateKam
    • Done.
    • To use:
      • At the OIMT "Planning & Work Items" wiki page: Planning & Work Items
      • Click "Create child page" at the left side-bar. A pop up window with the available (promoted) templates are shown.
      • If the "OIMT Task Template" is already appears on the pop up window (as shown), click the "Create" botton of at the lower right corner of the pop up window. Otherwise, click the "show more" link to find & select the "OIMT Task Template" and then click "Create"

      • Start editing the cloned template to enter the information of your work item, including the Task number, the Task name, Scope, etc.
    • Feedback on the template is welcome.

Profile & template modelChris & Thorsten & Martin

Not discussed due to running out of time

Defer discussion to next week

  •  Nigel Davis Collect input from Martin, Thorsten, and himself on profile & template in preparating for next week. Post input by next Monday June 10.

All day TAPI virtual meetingNigel

Not discussed due to running out of time

Defer to the June 10th OIMT/OTCC TST call for discussing the mechanic aspects

Defer to the June 11th TAPI call for discussing the technical aspects

WT Equipment modelNigel

Not discussed due to running out of time

Defer to June 13th OIMT call

  • WT equipment model from core perspective
  • Coupling of between Core and WT models
  • Refinement of the core equipment model based on feedback from TAPI & WT using of the core equipment model, expected/actual

TR-512.3: stateMalcolm

Malcolm has posted the updated version of TR-512.3 on: oimt2019.MB.002.00-TR-512.3_v1.5.d01.docx

Due to the amount of updates, it aims for v1.5, instead of v1.4.1

Due to running of the time, defer the discussion to the June 20th OIMT call