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  • 2019-05-23 OIMT Meeting notes

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  • IM-D (6-7)
    • TAPI recursive node & topology aspects of FD
  • IM-E (7-8)
    • Beijing meeting recap & Action item follow up 
    • Work item wiki template 

Discussion items

means -      -      -      The meeting will be dedicated for site 







TAPI recursive node & topology aspects of FD

  • Karthik showed different levels of partitioning and abstraction of topology; 4 examples; single layer.
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  • Discussed whether the multiplicity should be 1 or 0..1 at the Node end of the association “ConnectionIsBoundedByNode” between Node and Connection
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    • Allowing 0..1
    • implies allowing arbitrary/flexible grouping of nodes (NodalGroup) even overlapping groupings. This is IETF I2RS topology model allows.
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  • Will continue the discussion in the June 3 Monday Virtual F2F meeting
      • Date: 3 June Monday
      • Time: start 09:00 PT - 18:00 PT (full day)
      • Topic: TAPI topology

    Karthik Sethuraman to set the detail agenda plan (sessions, lead, …)

      • Contributions should be uploaded to the TAPI contribution

    Beijing Meeting follow upAll

    Not dicussed due to running out of time

    Work item templateKam

    Not discussed due to running out of time

    ONF CONNECT 2019 planningAll
    • ONF CONNECT 2019 is September 10 Tuesday - 13 Friday
      • Meeting venue is in Silicon Valley, California, USA
      • Registration fee is around $700 or $800 a ticket depending on membership and early purchasing
    • OIMT/OTCC 3Q 2019 face-to-face meeting has been planned for September 9 Monday - 13 FridayMeeting venue: In Silicon Valley, exact venue to be announced.61 - Model Extension Guidelines

    Action items


    Action items