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  • Task 53 IP Routing YANG Mapping

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    • Purpose 
      • IP Routing YANG mapping and assessment
    • Specifically 
      • Map the IETF IP relevant YANG modules into UML

      • Assess how the IP UML model fit into (align with) the Core model
    • Includes
      • IP Routing YANG and relevant Segment Routing extension YANG
    • Excludes
      • Other routing protocols: ISIS, BGP, OSPF, BFD
    • External Dependencies
      • IETF YANG modules specified in RFC and WG Internet Drafts
    • Assumptions
      • The IP-specific UML base model could be extended with operator/vender-specific features (e.g. for supporting 5G, ECC/DCN applications) using the Core Spec model approach. Model (not technology) pruning/refactoring could be applied as needed for API-specific applications, such as TAPI. 
    • Risks
      • Change the base IP forwarding technology. Should avoid this risk. 
  • Plan

    • Planned Deliverable
      • No plan yet
  • Admin

    • Lead; : @Xiang YUN (FiberHome)

    • Team members: @Kam LAM (FiberHome)

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