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20 minsAdministrative
  • Next TAPI Call: Next week (May 21)
  • Beijing F2F Meeting Summary

    • Agenda plan of May 6-10 ONF OIMT & OTCC Beijing Meeting
    • 2019-05-06~10 OIMT & OTCC Joint Interim Meeting Notes
    • TAPI key topics
      • T1 TAPI Tutorial (2 periods)
      • T2 Topology & Connectivity v3.0 Model Framework.
        • main discussion around NodeEncapsulatesTopology - whether it should be a Partitioning abstraction (current TAPI) v/s View abstraction
          • Partitioning abstraction provides a semi-transparent Node where-in the Node has visibility (via NodeAggresgatesNEPs [ExposedByUnderlyingTopology]reference) of edge NEPs exposed by underlying Topology.
          • View abstraction requires that Node is opaque and has ownership of all NEPs within the current partitioning level and hence edge-NEPs of the encapsulated Topology (now considered a different view level) have to be cloned at the enclosing Node level.
        • Also briefly discussed IETF-Topology - agreed to separate this concern from the above.
      • T3 Multi-layer Use case & Termination Model
        • Telefonica preseneted their photonic multilayer use case
        •  Andrea provided a tutorial
      • T4 Routing & Resilience constraint
        • Andrea provided a tutorial 
      • T5 Photonic Model
        • Stephane identified couple of use cases not previously considered by the group - will be discussed further
      • T6 UML Yang Mapping
 40 mins TAPI 2.x Release Plan
  • TAPI 2.2 Release update
    • RC1 - Released on April 8, 2019
    • Included items:
      • Equipment inventory model (new feature)
      • Routing & Resilience Constraints fixes/updates
        • Some of the constraints were changed to read-write from read-only
        • Minor structural changes (related Topology/Connectivity constraints)
      • OAM, Notification Framework updates
        • OAM Job structure refactoring and renaming
        • OAM/Threshold profile
        • Threshold/PM parameter
        • Alarm/TCA linkage to Threshold/PM parameter
      • Topology Model update
        • added TopologyAggregatesNEP association
        • marked NodeAggregatesNEP as deprecated
        • renamed Node.ownedNodeEdgePoint to Node.nodeEdgePoint
      • ETH Technology model updates
        • mainly OAM based on MEF NRM-OAM requirements, review and feedback
      • Photonic model updates
        • mainly power control management & photonic-layer-qualifier labels
      • LLDP defferred to v2.3 or later
    • Includes UML, YANG, Tree files only.
      • OpenAPI & RI will be included in RC2 (not normative)
  • Plan to do TAPI 2.1.2 release which does not include any backward-incompatible changes and only minor bug fixes, mainly
    • Topology Constraints change from RO to RW
20 minsManual Switch Control & connectivity maintenance

  • This conflicts with the current TAPI Service-Resource separation approach where the client is NOT able to directly operate on the resources
    • The challenge is to able to specify constraints on resources which does not break the integrity of complex resource provisioning
  • Use Case: Considering maintenance scenarios, it may be desirable to manually switch segments of connectivity
40 minsTAPI Issues for 2.x
  • Operations/RPCs cleanup & Alignment
  • Operations/RPCs for Equipment model
  • Github bugs/issues
  • Not discussed due to abrupt call termination

Action items