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  • 2019-04-25 OIMT Meeting notes

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IM-DTR-512 v1.4.1Kam/Nigel
  • Progress of v1.4.1 diagram fixing/updating
    • Done with .1 (checked), .2 (checked), .3 (checked), .5 (fixed), 6 (fixed),
      • Progressing on .4 and .7 in parallel
      • Expecting completing of v1.4.1. by end of the Beijing meeting.
        • Thorsten needs to translate the model in to YANG. Need the stable model and profile at the beginning of May.
    • Nigel is working on putting the v1.4 profile into a sub-model and work on it to meet Thorsten's need.
    • Issue raised in the previous call
      • Not displaying the association end Modifier of the attribute (no more a button to press to display).
      • Scott Mansfield Action Item: to feedback to the Papyrus development community.
  • Tool versioning issues discussed in IISOMI call 2019-04-03 IISOMI Meeting notes

Update on progress on key work items

  • Chris presented his investigation of the Conector/Pin/Strand model
  • This is a follow up to the Sydney discussion to see if the model can be simplied
  • What is presented is just a model sketch in early stage, need more work, and not ready for posting yet
  • It separates the physical and logical aspects; On the physical side there are connector and pin, everything else is logical.
  • Cablesets and SimpleCableset
  • 3 options of Cable network
    • Option 1
    • Option 2
    • Option 3
    • Instance level comparision of the options; full complexity, simple, look for middle ground choice
    • Comparison to the TMF outside plant model
      • Adopting a TMF outside plant style would invert the dependencies
    • Termination Example
      • Note the pin ranges
    • Comments:
      • ND: Could be enhancement to the current core model,
      • MB: looks good, efficient in dealing with large scale

OIMT/OTCC 2Q 2019 Beijing meetingAll

2019 May 6-10: ONF OIMT & OTCC Meeting in Beijing, China, co-hosted by China Mobile and FiberHome

  • ZOOM link has been provisioned to allow remote participation.
  • Key topics have been identified and time slot allocated
  • Monday is dedicated for tutorial on the Core model and TAPI
  • Hing-Kam Lam, Nigel Davis, Andrea Mazzini, and Karthik Sethuraman are preparing the tutorial material

ONF CONNECT 2019 & OIMT/OTCC 3Q 2019 meetings planningAll
  • ONF CONNECT 2019 is September 10 Tuesday - 13 Friday
    • Meeting venue is in Silicon Valley, California, USA
    • Registration fee is around $700 or $800 a ticket depending on membership and early purchasing
  • OIMT/OTCC 3Q 2019 face-to-face meeting has been planned for September 9 Monday - 13 Friday
    • Meeting location is also in Silicon Valley but exact venue is yet to be decided
      • If meet in the same venue of ONF CONNECT, attendees of OIMT/OTCC meeting are expected to pay ONF CONNECT registration fee
    • To help make the decision, the team agreed to poll the OIMT/OTCC members on their possibility of attending the OIMT/OTCC meeting only or also the ONF CONNECT.
      • The poll will also include the 4Q London meeting in the survey.
      • The survey period: April 25 - May 9. Decision will be made on May 10 (end of Beijing meeting).
  • Options (3 columns): Value range: Probable, No
    • September OIMT/OTCC
    • September OIMT/OTCC & CONNECT
    • December OITM/OTCC
  • Survey period: start today until end of Beijing meeting.
  • Will make the decision at the end of Beijing meeting.
  •  Action - Kam: Create the survey wiki page

OIMT/OTCC 4Q 2019 London meeting planningAll
  • Nigel has confirmed the location is London, UK