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  • 2019-03-14 OIMT Meeting notes

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IM-DTR-512 v1.4.1
  • Progress of v1.4.1
    • Done with .1 (checked), .2 (checked), .6 (checked), .3 (checked);
    • Progressing on .4 and .5
    • Papyrus diagram "snap to grid" setting issue and work around method.
    • Nigel and Kam will continue to fix and update the remaining diagram.
    • Issue raised in the previous call
      • Not displaying the association end Modifier of the attribute (no more a button to press to display).
      • Scott Mansfield Action Item: to feedback to the Papyrus development community.

Sydney meeting

Virtual network
  • Stages of scenario in the provider & user viewviews
  • TAPI 2.1.1 Capacity/Use Model
    • Capacity/Capability/Potential
  • The traditional "Servide" and "Resource" models in the industry are basically one signle model ("Capacity/Use Model".
    • States of an instance: Intention, Expectation, and Actual
  • Action item: Nigel to upload the slide deck.

  • Papyrus for modeling in O-RAN (Not discussed)