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5 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
  • Next TAPI call: Next week
  • ITU-T SG15 Liaision
    • 2 Liaisons
      • G.807, G.872, G.876 drafts updates
      • G.8052.1 & IEEE CFM Yang (802.1Qcx) updates
    • Will be first discussed on OIMT Thursday call first in the IM-E slot
    • Any TAPI impacts to be discussed on TAPI call the following week
  • MEF Updates
    • MEF Resource Common Model project approved
      • Will leverage TAPI & consolidate all NRM models
15 mins Equipment Model
  •  Not discussed today - Nigel to get a pruned version of the Core Eqpt model for TAPI and commit it into Github
    • Will use Martin's tool to migrate to latest eclipse (2018-09)
    • use OpenModelProfile 0.2.14
15 minsResilence Updates
  • Not discussed today - Resilience Notes from previous call
    • https://github.com/OpenNetworkingFoundation/TAPI/pull/379
      • All changes agreed.
      • Agreed that ResilienceConstraint class needs a review, as some attributes appear "states" rather than "config" ones.
      • Stephane proposes to collect all changes in a dedicated contribution. Andrea will consider this, including more items for discussion at next f2f meeting.
  • OK for now, for the task to be marked complete, needs additional use cases (from IETF-CCAMP & OIF) and everything to be documented properly
15 minsOAM Updates
  • Not discussed today - OAM notes from previous call
    • https://github.com/OpenNetworkingFoundation/TAPI/pull/383
      • TAPI OAM: OamServicePoint, new boolean attribute "isMip"
      • TAPI Ethernet: Defined Ethernet specific extensions of OamService and OamServicePoint
      • TAPI Ethernet: Removed "Pm" prefix from both Current and History Data classes.
      • Started discussion on how to model the results of on-demand jobs and FM jobs (Link Trace, Loopback, Test). Today TAPI reuses for all the Current and History Data. Discussion not completed due to end of the time.
      • limited conversation due to lack of ITU-T folks on the call due to an SG15-Q14 F2F
      • No comments on Andrea's justification
60 minsODTN Photonic Requirements
  • https://github.com/OpenNetworkingFoundation/TAPI/issues/353
  • Stephane: rather than OSNR constraints, focus on receive power measurements..
  • How to model the loss between TPND/OTSi & OLS/NMC SIPs ?
    • Link between the TPND & OLS
  • Malcolm - Where are these parameters actually defined?
    • these attributes relate to data plane reporting and hence need clear definitions
    • defining measured ingress/egress OSNR attributes on every CEP imples you have equipment that actually measures these values.
  • Andrea - also important to understand which are SLS, OAM & connectivity attributes so that these are properly modeled rather than simply put these in some pacs.
    • Need clear definition of problem - in past we made the mistake of modeling solution without an shared understanding of the problem.
15 minsBug Fixes